So girls, if you stare at a guy when he is not looking, what are you thinking?

I've caught this girl staring at me a few times. Sometimes when she is close to me and I'm doing some sort of physical activity, I can feel her staring at my face, I like her so its not creepy or anything. A few days ago I was helping getting some Xmas ornaments down from our office and I was on a stepstool and she was across the room. I felt she was looking at me but didn't really look at her but when I was going down I looked at her and she was just looking at me, I didn't want to make things awkward so I ignored it and just talked to her.

My question is, what are you gals usually thinking when you get like that? She is kind of the sweet-innocent type, so I don't know lol.


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  • From personal experience when I stare at a guy when he is not looking it is usually for the following reasons:(1)I think about the possibilities that that I could have with him or daydream about him (2) Remember all the times and moments that we talked and spend together.(3)I do not want him to think that I like him even though I do because he might not feel the same way and to avoid getting hurt I look from afar at him when he least expects it unless I know he likes me than I will not try to hide my stare when he looks back at me.


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  • She probably is interested to some extent but you need other sorts of behavioural cues to know.

    It could be she is a bit nervous to approach you and looks instead.

    I would say it would be great if you approach her and probably ask her out on a date and then you will know for sure.

    • I mean, we talk all the time (although we stopped talking for a while because we had an argument) and she is usually the one who initiates but I just assume she is friendly. When she stares at me I have no idea what to assume lol

  • either she dazes off in the same direction all the time or she likes you! You should really ask her if she wants to go get a drink before or after work or on your day off (it doesn't have to be alcohol). Just something casual do you guys talk outside of work like texting or calling? If you do and its frequent then yeah she likes you

  • Im thinking wow he's so good looking


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