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I am really in love with this guy and I was just curious... the guy I really love is honestly not good looking (I don't care)... like his face is definitely not a attracting point... he is well presented... clear face and everything but not cute... n.e ways what I want to know is what makes me want to jump on him and rip his clothes off... I haven't had sex so I don't know if it a sex drive thing (I don't think it is)... I don't really mean I want to jump on him and take his clothes off I mean more that I want to jump on him and never let go... why do you think that is?

Thanks and I know I found the best love... But the most difficult thing about this is that we are not together... he knows I love him... but he loves someone else and is with her...
but from what he feels and what he tells me is that he thinks she is seeing someone else... but still wants to be with her... Is there anything I could do to or should I just wait (I could wait my lifetime for him)
And while waiting what can I do... be friendly with him... talk to him when he wants to talk...
Trust me I don't love him because he is unavailable... I was in love with him for 3 years ever since he has moved here... he only knows his girlfriend for a year...
and I came to realize 9 months ago all those shy feelings and those chills I use to get when he looked at me was because I was love with him...


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  • If he knows you love him, then there is little you can do. It's up to him to accept your feelings and pursue you on his own. Not too mention he would have to dump his current girlfriend. So he's in a tough predicament. But if he stays with her, you have no choice but to move on and find someone else. I don't think it would be wise to wait on him.


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  • There is always a chance that the most attractive thing about him is that he is unavailable. I would definitely wait it out and then when/if he is single, try to see if you still feel the same. Sometimes we are most attracted to things that we cannot have. I would suggest that you keep your options open, you might overlook someone special because you are waiting on him. Defnitely keep him in your life though I suppose as a "friend"

  • well if he says that he thinks that his current girlfriend is seeing someone else then he is basically in a uselss relationship. it sounds like you are in love with him a lot and that you want nothing but the best for him. so I think you should just wait things out until he is single again but until that happens make him happy and show him that all you want is to make him smile and be happy. that would probably make him rethink about his relationship with his girlfriend and think about a future relationship with u


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  • you want him because you love who he is. your attraction to someone deepens when you love who they are inside and lessens when you hate who they are inside. the most gorgeous people can be unattractive if they're an asshole, so if you're in love with this guy, you see the best in him which makes you want him physically.

    it sucks that he's taken tho... I don't know what to tell you. if he's in love with someone, there's not much you can do. you don't want to be a homewrecker. you can be his friend, but don't blow other chances with other guys. you have to accept that there's a really big chance that he may never feel the same way you feel, not matter how much you love him, and you don't want to 'wait a lifetime' and be disappointed in the end. be his friend and keep him in mind, but also make yourself available.

  • I think love is blind.

    It doesn't matter if he isn't cute in person I think it is if he is cute in your heart. And I can tell he is.

    I think you have found the best love of all...not from the eyes...but from the heart.