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I've been looking for this song for a while, and am having no luck! It's about driving, and a girl sings it. I heard it years ago, so it's not recent. It's got something like "drive until the gas turns to air" or "until the tires turn to metal" or until the money runs out or something, and I think it's got the word devil in it, maybe in the chorus. It was about a girl getting out of her town or something. I'm pretty sure it was pretty fast paced. It might have been a country song, but I heard it on the radio and I don't listen to country stations, so it wouldn't have been hard core country. Do you need any more details?


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    • Wow that's it! Thank you, you are amazing! :)

    • No worries. I just typed "until the tyres turn to metal" into google then it gave me the lyrics and from there I found the title and then put it into YouTube. When ever I want to hear a song again I just do that. :)

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  • Try Carrie underwood or sugar land


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