Am I dating this guy???

I met this guy through a friend (it's not a setup or anything, we just know of each other through this mutual friend). After a few phone calls, we met up for the 1st time (still as friends) for some coffee and catch a flick afterward, then we got hungry and grab some dinner. At then end of the evening, he kissed me. Well, it's been 2 weeks now and we went out about four more times afterward, with the "dates" ended with us making out. The thing though, he only calls me every couple of days to ask if I want to do something and make plan for it if I do. I talked to our mutual friend and told her everything happen on our "dates" and thought that we really hit it off. However, she told me that when she asked him about me, he just said that I'm cute and stuff, but we're just friends. However, whenever he's with me, he keeps on telling me that he found me attractive and sexy and that he likes me. I'm all confused now... What's you opinion? Is two weeks too soon to ask the dude like hey, what the heck is this, are we dating? If we are dating, is it acceptable for the guy to call just like twice a week? Is he just leading me on?


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  • It depends, just ask him because if you are not, you have nothing to lose but then again he could just be shy and afraid that you might turn him down.. Just talk to him

  • You never know with this kind of guy. Sometimes they are afraid to tell their friends about how they really feel, and other times all they do is lie. You need to think about him, really think about him. Look inside your heart. Then you will know.