Good makeup tips for acne sufferers?

how to cover it up well?


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  • first of all don't try to cover it up, because cover up will make it worse, get a good face wash and toner and start using that twice a day, you can go with a light powder just don't use liquid cover up and always make sure to wash all make up off before you go to bed, just pick you eyes or lips and do a bold color to draw attention to that area instead of to the acne, if all else fails do what I did and go to a local department store and have a free of charge makeover done to learn your color pallets then you can go to someplace cheaper and match the colors... and just an FYI I've found that the clinique toner and lotion are the best then aveno makes a good face cleansing bar


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  • I think proactive is really great to use. there is a mask treatment cream that I sometimes use when I have issues with my skin (but my skin rarely has anything wrong with it) and then put some cover up on top. (use a dab of each, not too much), and there you go.

  • First clean your face with alcohol. You don't wanna put make up on top of clogged pores. Put on a not oil skin care lotion. Then some concealer and foundation. The trick is to use the perfect foundation that matches your skin to the T.

    Another hint

    You're eye make up should pop so it would draw attention away from your blemishes.

    Hope I helped. =)