My folks think that guys with tatoos are scums. How can I prove them wrong?

I am supposed to meet this guy I know only on FB. I am very very scared that Ill like him and my parents wont. The fact is- he has both of his arms tatoo-ed and I know that my parents have prejudice about that. they think that all of the guys who have tatoos just got out of jail. I'm so scared that hell turn out to be just fine and that he will meet my parents and that they will totally hate him.

How can I explain that guys with tatoos are OK (if needed to explain)?


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  • But not every guy with a tattoo is, right?

    But to convince your parents maybe tough, only meeting him will have any chance,

    • No. Sure. I have two guys on job who are a great support to me and are very honest. I love them! They are great friends. For me- Id never do a tatoo since I take it as a sign of a silent rebellion and weakness (just my opinion). But I really don't think that people who have it are cons... :) The fact is- my mom wants to see the profile on FB of every guy I date. And based on the profile shell think that he is a night owl... And tatooed... :(

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    • Sure... :) I hope everything will be OK... :)

    • Could be a hard sell, he better be a gentleman,

      Bring flowers lol


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  • I wouldn't go as far as jail.Maybe getting his head examined!

  • Have him cover up his tattoos for a couple of the first meetings because of your parents feelings then (once your parents like him) have him purposely wear something that shows his tattoos and since your parents liked him before they knew he had tattoos they'll probably still like him

  • I frankly feel the same way - both about guys with tattoos and girls with tattoos.

    Explain it to him and see if he's willing to cover them up as much as possible before you meet them; he better be on his best behavior when you bring him to meet your parents

  • As parents of a girl, they have reason to feel that way. I know it's profiling but there is sometimes value in profiling.


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