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Black eyes, black hair, brunette girl. Is it attractive ?

Black eyes, black hair, brunette girl. Is it attractive ? Is it beautiful?

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  • It depends on the individual and all of their other features. Being a brunette with dark eyes is not a deciding factor in whether or not a woman is attractive. There's a lot more to it than that. Some brunettes with dark eyes are attractive and some are not. Those two features are way too generic to say whether or it is "attractive" to possess those traits or not.

    • You're right

What Guys Said 5

  • Not enough info to answer whether she's beautiful or not.

    Is that a good combination of features? Sure. But beautiful or not cannot be answered.

    • You'r right, thanx

  • If the girl is beautiful to my eyes then yes.

    But I'm a little confused - how does she have black hair and is also a brunette?

    • Why not? but girl is not very dark

    • a visual depiction will help me - I'm lost. Doesn't need to be the same person's pic :)

    • OK:)

  • I've never considered someone to be beautiful based off the color of her features. I would need to know more than that. If you want a general answer then yes I have found girls attractive with features of those colors.

    • Thanx :)

  • If the girl is beautiful, yes.

    • yes beautiful :D

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    • Then she's ugly. It has nothing to do with her hair/eye color. But you don't have to worry about that.

    • ^.^

  • It can certainly be for any combination but I tend to like girls like that the best

    • :)

What Girls Said 5

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hair color and eyes do not make a person. Anyone with any hair color and eyes can be "hot" it all just depends what people consider attractive.

  • What mr yadda said

  • Is the girl attractive?

    It depends. People on here are gonna over exaggerate and say it's hot yaddayadda, but if the girl is ugly none of that matters. Hell, even if she's pretty none of that matters.

    But almost every girl has dark hair dark eyes so it's nothing that stands out

    • The point is that hotness does not rely on the color of hair/eyes or any combo. hot is hot.

  • if she has nice facial features, that matters more than coloring.

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