Should my makeup be coming off?

I just started wearing makeup but it's really annoying because it comes off on everything. My great-grandmother was wearing a black shirt and when I hugged her my chin kind of touched her shoulder and my makeup was on her shirt. It also comes off on my hands if I touch my face. I didn't put a lot of it on. Other girls don't seem to have this problem so is this something that should be happening and how do I prevent it?


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  • Which makeup are you using and which product are you talking about? Are you talking about foundation?

    • Revlon colorstay foundation.

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    • Yeah, I know but mac is too expensive and there aren't any mac stores where I live

    • You can order it online at

      buying 1 expensive foundation that works well is better than trying 5/6 lower quality foundations that don't work for you.


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  • Yeah your just starting to use it.

    The type your using may not be the right kind of you.

    Or your touching your face too rough

    Or you just sweat a lot ^^

  • I think it's normal and happens to practically everyone, it's horrible when you go and try clothes on in a shop and you can see lots of make-up on it from where other people have tried it on before you. There are some foundations that claim they do not rub off onto clothes, I use philosophy supernatural airbrush foundation-it is quite expensive but thinking about it, I can't remember it ever rubbing off onto clothes or anything.

  • Clinique is a good foundation. I don't know your skin type but I had super oily skin and I used to use the one for type 5 skin and it worked really well.

  • ya probebly your skin doesn't always go with every kind... specially that lately you started useing it so you still don't really know what is the best for you.. mac is good.. I personaly use chanel... a lot of my friends use max factor, or maybeline... when you go shopping for makeup try it on first and then wait couple of minuts looking for other stuff and then see if it goes away or touch your face and gotta test it first=)

    hope I helped=)