Is it bad if he calls other women "hot" in front of you?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for more than a year now and we're quite close. He calls me beautiful and sexy, not just while in bed, which really pleases me. But what I don't understand is why he calls other women "hot" right in front of me. He has done this a few times already and I just ignored it because I didn't know how to react. I don't know if he was trying to make me jealous on purpose or he just wanted to see what my reaction would be. I know guys' eyes do wander sometimes from their girl when they see another "hot" girl, it's in their nature to look! And I don't have any reason to be jealous, he's the type who doesn't play around. It doesn't really upset me, I just don't understand why he does it and simply don't know how to react. Besides, I don't call other men "cute" or "hot" in front of him because he's always been the one commenting when my guy friends hang around me "too much". Should I talk to him about it? Should I just ignore it? Please advise!


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  • Well, it would be one thing if he didn't compliment you and said those things about other women. Sounds like he's just really comfortable around you, but I think it's rather inconsiderate and inappropriate to say in front ofyou. I had a guy do this and instead of reacting I would also critique the woman, but I'm very comfortable in my own skin. If I see a beautiful woman, I'll say she's hot. What I did, I gave him a taste of his own medicine. When ever I saw a picture of a guy or some guy out in public, I would say "he's hot". Well, he didn't like it all! LOL! He started getting all self conscious and asking "really, you thought he was hot"? Sometimes, that's all they need - a taste of their own medicine.

  • He is probably doing it to make you jealous. My ex did that once. He commented on how nice another girls boobs were. I told him, "Yeah they are nice, keep it to yourself because I don't care." He never said anything like that again. I know they are going to look, but they don't need to tell.