How do you feel about girls hair guys/ girls answers!

So I'm mixed black and Mexican and you can tell in my hair,Recently I've fone natural and cut it a little more above my shoulders...blacks Mexicans whites they all have a opinion on my hair lol guys do you like when black girls wear there natural hair? And girls do you like your natural hair?


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  • First of all, don't go seeking the GAG community, of which appears to be predominantly ignorant, for positive reinforcement with your hair. If you have a love and appreciation for the way your hair grows out of your head, then that's good enough. : ) You should never want to have to NEED others to uplift you in order to feel value in one of your features.

    Don't listen to ignorant males and females who have no tact, decency, and try to put you down by claiming that your hair would be better if it was straight.

    I sense you trying to insinuate that it's better for you to be natural because you are mixed with Mexican and black and that hints that you are insecure within your hair. Like perhaps you think having biracial hair is your ticket to beauty. Get rid of that mentality, if it exists.

    • Actually I love my hair natural or straight I'm not looking for anything I just wanted to know prioress opinion ever since I've been natural I hear didn't things which most of it is negative but usually I do not let it bother me...


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  • black and Mexican huh? we need more of that. that's what's gonna take over America. the top two growing ethnicities. Chinese too. black with Mexican and Chinese. that's gonna be the world in 100 years honestly.

  • yea, is all cool. in the end hair is hair anyways, lol.

    anyways, your hair looks okay in your pic. but I must say you look pretty 80s with it

  • yeah you look like 80s.

    you have bad hair (my tought cause I'm brasilian)

    straighten it

    • smh! Rude! Don't tell her to straighten her hair! Don't come to her post, spreading negativity, suggesting that her hair is some problem that needs to be fixed. You can't even spell B-R-A-Z-I-L-I-A-N or t-h-o-u-g-h-t. Focus on that before you start criticizing someone else! hmmmph!

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    • That's how it's spelled in some parts of the world

    • Its OK his opinion does not effect me I like my hair the easy out us its natural for me not anyone whaat ^-^

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  • you are not alone ! ! I'm a mixed race girl( African since I've got curly hair and Indian because of my appearance)...but most of my surroundings say that I look like a Latina I'm fine with my should be proud of your cultural heritage baby!

  • Who your hair looks cute.

    I hate the term "bad hair" like others mention, it sounds so ignorant.

    Everyone has a different texture which requires different care.

    There is no such thing as "bad or good hair".

  • I'm going natural to grow my hair out but most non black guys seem to like it better but when I flat iron my hair, black guys hit on me like there's no tomorrow!

    I've always been natural but nowadays I cut back on straightening it.

    I don't think guys mind as long as its flattering and we make the hairstyle work for us

  • I applaud you for making the bold choice to go natural. I've been contemplating of going through "the big chop" as well. I love seeing black women wear their hair natural. As long as it's healthy and well maintained with minimal breakage you should be fine.

    I love my natural hair because the kinks aren't as tightly coiled, therefore it's somewhat easier to manage. I feel empowered.

  • Straight & silky is always better

    Even if it's unnatural

    But people should maintain their hair however they want

  • I love curly hair, if YOU like it then you SHOULD stick with it. Don't be influenced, if you like what you have, people will automatically think it's attractive..