What to wear on a date?

Girls, what would you wear when going on a date? Guys, what would you wear? What sort of thing would you like to see your date wearing? Is it OK to wear colour on a first date, or go a little edgy with your style?


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  • Just be your self and try to not look like trash.

    it also depends on where we are going.

    if we are just going to chill someplace, T- Shirt/Jeans/ Hat that all matches once you don't look like trash

    if we are going some place classy, dress up somewhat (I go with a polo or button up shirt and slacks )


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  • If it's just a casual date, then a T-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops would be a good outfit.


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  • Anything feel confident in! I usually wear nice jeans and a flowy top on the first date if were actually going out. If I'm going over his house or he's coming to mine I dress down, leggings and a sweater. Color wise, don't be afraid to show your personality... id stay away from " blinding" colors, neons etc. But remember, you're beautiful no matter what, and the guy will like you for you and not what you wear <3