To facial hair or not to facial hair?

So I'm 19 and I grow facial hair pretty darn fast so I feel like trying a new look with it. What kind of styles do you like if any?

This question is mainly aimed at the ladies but feel free to join in guys :P


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  • University has been the first time I've properly let my bear grow out and frankly I get a lot of people telling how "sick" I look and how I should keep it growing to get a full one.

    For the moment it's a half grown goatee because I shaved it a week back. When I shaved people were asking me why lol.

    I've got a very defined jaw line, so it suits me good.

    • Haha alas, people just love beards so much that when they disappear they miss them. My jaw line's pretty defined too, might have to try a goatee out then :)

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    • Oh right, never heard of one of those! Will have to get it then, cheers for the help :)

    • You're welcome mate.

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  • A bit of stubble tends to be a good look for most people. However, since you're 19, I wouldn't advice growing a full-length beard unless you plan to take exceptionally good care of it because that tends to imply that you have less hygiene than others (because you don't shave) if you don't take care of it.

    • I'm 19 and have a scruffy goatee and 90% really like it and think that it suits me. All I do is wash it with shampoo daily.

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    • I've gone for full goatee around the lip and all.

      I wouldn't dare just have the hair on the chin - scared it'll make me look like a douche bag haha.

    • I think... probably just stubble on the jawbone and chin, because that tends to look very good on the majority of people. Chinstraps, not so much.

  • I love facial hair!

  • I love stubble and I love beards :)


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