Why are people telling my friend that she's too skinny looking?

My friend who is 5'11" and large framed, she lost weight. Before she was 185lbs Now she's 169lbs and her family told her she lost enough weight and she doesn't need to lose anymore. She's a size 14. She thinks she's fat. Honestly I never thought she was fat in the first place. She looks great the way she is. She's a pear shape and she hates it. Her sister is small framed, a size 6, thin with curves and my friend said nobody in her family tells her she's too skinny. My friend thinks she still fat. What can I do to make her have confidence in herself?


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  • Yeah, tall girls are funny that way, weighing a lot and still looking normal. 169Lbs is probably a good weight for a girl that's 5'11". I knew a 6'1" girl that must have been 120Lbs. She was very skinny, but at 16, thats somewhat normal I guess.

    • Eww. Tall girls don't look good very skinny. They look way better with a lot of meat on them.

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