Is parted hair really a no no?

I have been sporting a parted haircut for about a year and a half because out of everything else I try nothing looks as good. It's just a casual part, no gel or spray. It kind of falls to the side like this. (it was windy before I took the picture so it got a little messed up. The thing my bangs do is a little less dramatic, but they do do that.) From what I've heard having parted hair makes you look like a square, or geek, and a few told me like a weirdo. Is this true? My problem is that everything I wear reflects a part of my personality. If you talked to me you would realize that I am a huge nerd, so the part kind of matches, but I also am very relaxed (If you know me well) so I wear a hoodie and jeans. The hoodie also reflects my interest in rock (punk and metal, mainly). Everything else I tried reflects a different personality. I feel this is important because when I first see someone, and what they wear, it gives me an initial impression of their personality. So I try to reflect that in the way I dress. Also I've been told hair can make or break how attractive you are. The problem with that is I have a pretty round face. The part makes my jaw look wider. Do you have any suggestions about what hair I should wear? Here some more pictures.


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  • I think your hair looks nice just the way it is. As long as you're comfortable and happy with the way your hair is there is no need to change it.


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  • It makes you look really clean cut and it also makes you look like the Beatles in the old school days. Just like try to style it to make it more shaggy some thing like this

    Shaggy hair would just look good on you XD it makes guys seem edgy. Also there is nothing wrong with being a nerd , I'm a nerd too.

    • Haha, you should've seen my old hair if you like shaggy. Thank you for your opinion.

    • I actually got the idea to part my hair after re watching firefly for the umpteenth time, and my sister said, "You kind of look kind of like Simon." So I parted my hair and liked it, so I got a haircut to help facilitate a part.

  • Pompadour! That would look absolutely great on you. Like this:

    You could keep the sides the same length you have them right now or get a close cut like the guy in the picture did. I think that style would be more attention catching on you. Many girls do pay attention to a guy's hair and that cut gives off a classy, confident vibe.

    • He doesn't want that. So I think he pretty much wants the same style as he has with his hair length. So there really is no answer to his question.

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    • Oh I'm sorry, well to answer your question better I think that your current hairstyle is okay. It's just a plain hairdo, I don't think it gives off any particular vibe or makes you look geeky :)

    • Thanks, :) I am not really looking for anything that attracts attention, so I guess I succeeded there.

  • Hey, what's wrong with being geeky? Hahaha, but seriously, there's nothing wrong with having your hair parted, as if you like it, keep it.

    • Thank you for your opinion.

    • Though, if you decide to get a new hairstyle, I suggest you pick something "age appropriate" according to your own age and see what fits you best.

  • Parted hair on you is a no no A BIG NO NO.

    • What would you suggest then? I don't want anything high maintenance, and I don't want to look like a douchebag, which I feel like a lot of medium to long length hair does to me. I Don't want emo or goth, and I need it to be longer. The part is the best thing I've seen, so if you have any suggestions and links please share!

  • I think you should take take the part away and wear more of a pompadour which will slim the face.

    • I would, but that generally requires a product, be it glue, or gel, or spray. I want to be able to wake up in the morning, fix my hair in two minutes and forget about for the rest of the day (unless I go to the bathroom, in which case I can do a simple touch up). So, no product, low maintenance and medium to long. I feel like wearing a pompadour would make me look too preppy anyways, which would conflict with my worn out hoodie and simple jeans.

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