Is bad style really a turn off?

Now, I'm not talking neon spandex with a taupe shiny jersey - I'm thinking just slightly bad style. Like, leggings and a big shirt, sweats and a tee. Overly casual clothes. I'm not a 'big girl', I'm pretty average - bit of a hard body, but is that an excuse to not try as hard for style? I know I look O.K., but is it s huge issue to not be 100% composed all of the time?


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  • It's okay if you're like that sometimes, but I guess I, personally, would prefer at least a mild amount of style. Like, I would feel uncomfortable if I dressed nicer than my girlfriend, I think.


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  • The first thing people notice about others, is what they are wearing. If you want to make an impression, your going to have a nice style that is attractive. Not sloppy.


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  • well, usually when I'm not at work, I stlil care. it's sort of a habit now. but I used to not care. I doubt it's a turn off, if you look good, you look good. I'm average to slightly on the thin side, but I think I just look up thing sin like flare, glamour or elle, those fashion magazines and get ideas. as long as you look ok, then who cares really? I mean, I don't care unless I'm at work. I work in retail so yeah.