Do guys like girls with toned arms? and when does it become too much?

So I'm a fitness trainer and I work out about 5 times a week, I really love weight lifting especially arms...I'm not a big girl and neither are my muscles...yet lol. I'm just wondering when do u guys think it becomes too much muscle to the point it's unattractive. My husband has very sculpted arms and good sized muscles, i don't want to be the same size as him or surpass it but i do want to get a little close to the size. What do u guyz think?


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  • Anything beyond just nice and toned is too much for me. I like girls that are very feminine. I'm sure everyone is diff tho.

  • Good indicator is your chest muscles showing instead of your Breasts. and your arms looking way too big for a girl. Just cut on protein , that way you won't gain muscle


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