How do I please my boyfriend?

I want to make him happy. We have both agreed that we will not have sex and that we won't go as a far as fingering either. I still want to make him happy without going against what we decided. What do guys like? Like my fingers in his hair or what?

Do guys like when your hands are in your shirt? I need ideas! I love kissing him but I want to put in a twist, I just don't have any ideas.
whoops meant to put their shirt. sorry!


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  • Your question is kinda hard. You want to please him, but you both have agreed to not have sex. I guess you are just wanting to make him happy then? Just be there for him. Make him laugh. Do somethings he likes to do. I know oral sex is sex, but have you two decided against that too? If not then give that a try. That will really really please him.

    Just feeling each other up can be a lot of fun too. Maybe fondling each other through your cloths or just hands under clothes without actually being naked is kinda fun too. I'm not talking about actually stimulating each other with your hands...just fondling and rubbing. It will come natural to you once you start.


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  • Just feel each other up (non sexual places) its intimate, and it shows affection. Just do what comes naturally.


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  • Cook for him, ask him out to places he never went before, do fun things together. Kiss him, hug him, hold him. Tell him you love him (well not too often it gets boring). Show him that you care!