Eyes Compliment?

What's a really good eyes compliment you can give a girl?


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  • Hi, I'm a girl and I know this situation all too well...

    If everyone is constantly saying that she is pretty, don't. She will think you're just like all the other guys who were looking for just a physical relationship. If you compliment her appearance, definitely make sure you have already complimented her interests/sensibilities/culture/intellect first. She isn't an airhead and if she really does get complimented on her looks this often, she probably sometimes feels like everyone sees her in the airhead light.

    This may seem a little tacky but you may want to check out a certain scene in Spanglish, where Flor tells Mr. Clasky she enjoyed watching him cook (because he is skillfull) and he says, "If it's anything at your end, imagine what it is over here...but the last thing you want is someone going off on your looks...it's just that you are drop dead crazy gorgeous!" *Paz Vega's character, with or without intention, gave Adam Sandler's character a perfect opportunity to compliment her physically...you don't want to go right into it with a girl who's heard it a million times. Otherwise it's just old news!

    Usually the "corny lines" only work in EXTREME moderation...in other words, don't use this approach more than once in one day because it would seem as though you were trying too hard but had no real substance or stuff to say. Corny lines can be dangerous because there is a fine line between them and pickup lines, and a girl who is genuinely interested in you will not be interested in past approaches to pick up other girls! Most importantly, never use the same line twice!

    Eye compliments can come off as a little corny but if you say her eye color is cool or something (or take notice of the color pattern in her iris) that's totally different and she'll like it...it also says that you see her as an intellectual (who just happens to be very pretty lol) I like the iris pattern one. But the absolute best eye compliment you can give a girl is just really good eye contact!

    But it's really cool that you're concerned about this because most people wouldn't be. :)

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      Very very good advice here

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  • I generally say how beautiful a girls eyes are and how they smile when she smiles.

    I really notice a girls eyes and you can tell a lot from them

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      I agree, what's good compliments you can give to a girl that has a gorgeous smile too?

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      With a smile I would say maybe, your smile cud brighten up my day, it shows of how beautiful you are. don't detail it by saying like oh it shows your white teeth or how nice your gums are and stuff. I always find smiling when you say about a smile helps as well