Girls how long would you like a guy to make eye contact with you?

Theres this girl at high school and I was thinking about gathering enough courage to make eye contact. How long should I hold eye contact I need help?


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  • I guess I'm weird in general but I like guys to look at me until it gets a little uncomfortable [ to the point where I look away and his still looking but only for a little while. ]

    Maybe you should look until she notices or every time she talks to you or you talk to her look her directly in the eyes.


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  • Aww sweetie that's cute! I think that you should make eye contact long enough to engage in conversation, its really good for communication so make sure you maintain eye contact throughout the whole conversation. I'm sure that everything will work out, good luck with this, your a good guy!

  • Eye contact is good just make sure it doesn't get uncomfortable because then it gets weird but if she keeps eye contact or starts it then you are good if you feel it getting weird just make a funny face of smile and then look away!


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