Why does he look away?

When we cuddle he will look at me in the eyes then will look away if I keep looking at him, or if I look at him, he will look at me then look away, is this a sign he doesn't like me? He is fine when we're chatting its just when we're hugging and not talking...he can be shy and is especially so when we first meet up with each other, but once we've been a bit intimate (not actual sex) he's fine and seems relaxed, only been dating a few weeks. Just wondering though because I don't like it when he looks away from me... :(


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  • Some guys just get really nervous when they are around the girl they like a lot, especially if you are already dating. I can say from experience that I used to do this. It's because I was inexperienced in the relationship area. I had all of these strong feelings for a girl for the first time and didn't know how to express them. Also a guy doesn't realize for a little while that girls like making eye contact as a way of connecting with their companion. None of this means he doesn't like you, it just means that he isn't sure how to act right now, just give him some time to learn and maybe help him along the way. Next time he tries to look away turn his head back so he is looking at you in the eyes and just smile, trust me he'll learn to look you in the eyes after you do this a few times. Guys love to see the girl they like smile, so you smiling when he looks you in the eyes is a sort of reward or "doggy treat" of sorts. I know it sounds weird, but sometimes guys need to be trained when it comes to how to treat a girl you are in a relationship with.


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  • More than likely he's shy like you said..i've been with a couple of guys like that but they warmed up to me. He can talk to you easiley because more than likely ur casually talking. But when you get intimate things get a little off right..its probaly because he doesn't know what to do or what to say..u guys are still fresh in the relationship so take sum time and warm up to one another. Talk to him..tell him how you feel..more than likely he will tell you what's up. I guarentee he is just nervous..now if he doesn't like you he wouldn't even started dateing u..so you got nuttin to wry about there.