Why guys are confusing to us.

Guys. Wow, they are so confusing. But, the guys think that they did nothing wrong. They think that us girls speak guy. We don't really speak guy. I know I know, a guy means what he says. Us girls just have millions of questions popping up in our minds after just being greeted by a guy. Guys are a whole other story.

Guys wonder why we find them confusing. They think that we are complicated. Sure, we can be at times but guys do confuse us. But how? Let's see.......

1.) They don't share their feelings with us.

2.) They go after the girls that are already taken.

3.) You try to get in a relationship with them, they just run the other direction.

4.) We are from different planets.

5.) Men are "Visual Creatures" - meaning that they all look for their sugar mama/baby mama/ you get the picture.

6.) All they care about is food, beverages, sports, their hair, muscles, boobs, sex, the car they drive, basically anything but a serious commitment.

7.) Do the weirdest/creepiest things to get our attention instead of just coming up to us and say hi.

8.) They don't reveal any personal info.

9.) Change the subject when we want to talk about relationships.

10.) Send us f***ing mixed signals.

11.) He looks like he likes you but the next day he gets a girlfriend but still ....idk.. but why??? idk

12.) Some men are cheaters, assholes,jerks,etc.

13.) They don't care about our feelings.

14.) They are into you one minute and then forget you the next.

15.) When you get us pissed off, us girls will give you the silent treatment. You might not even notice this because your to busy sitting on your coach watching porn.

16.) They want to keep us guessing?!?!?! WTF!!!!

17.) They tease us to make themselves cool.Really??!

18.) Guys think that we are bunch of air heads when we know how to solve our own problems. We aren't that stupid..actually we aren't stupid at all.

19.) Getting in between two girls who are best friends. Not a smart move.

20.) They are interested but don't take the chance to get us. You just let us slip out of your hands. WHY?!?!?!

If I continue this than I will stay up all night to write this lol :). But, we are from different genders. That's why we confuse each other. It's okay... but us girls know more than you think.

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  • 1.) Guys share feelings to the extent they are aware, unless they've learned not too because women actually don't like it.

    2) Uh, way less then women do in my experience.

    3) Only if they don't want a relationship with you. This one confuses some young women, so lets spell it out - men want to have sex with more women then they want to date. So if he's 'running', you're in the 'sex' but not the 'dating and sex' category for him.

    4) meaningless

    5) ... seems to be two things. Men are visual.

  • The reason why you get so confused is because you THINK gender defines what we think.

  • To 15.), Silent Treatment = you are not willing to share your feelings because you're too busy trying to hurt the guy you're with. Thanks for the hypocriticism with 1.). If you don't like this done to you, why would you do it?

    Anyways, what I wanted to add originally was that YOU'RE getting confused because you're attempting to apply generalized behavior on half of the planet's population. Of course you won't understand the individual that way. Gender does not define your personality. Period.

  • guys are confusing because they don't know what they want. Guys are very temparamental, they confuse themselves with alternatives and forking paths all the time.

  • 1. Its a 50/50 statement that men don't share their feelings with women. Women are like that too.

    2. Men and women both go for the already taken.

    3. Women can be nice and calm one day, and irritated the next. Excuse US men.

    4. Actually, we're both from the same planet. Our minds are worlds apart.

    5. Its 50/50 for both genders. Girls aren't that much less susceptible to being "visual creatures."

    6. There's some truth here, but maybe you girls aren't looking hard enough for the serious type?

  • superdudeman is on the money!

  • 1- because women teach men that if they do they get dumped. Think about the last time a guy said "i love you" to a girl after the 2nd date. for example.

    2-girls do that more than men.

    3. Only if he's not into her.

    4. Yeah.

    5. Men are visual but don't look for sugar mamas.

    6. they like that stuff sure, but will commit if the woman is fun and hot.

    7. Yeah men do that. But again, most men are trained not to say hi because they've been treated like sh*t from other women just by saying hi.

  • 19.

    I once got in between 2 girls out of a trilogy of friends. One liked me, and I ended up liking the other two at different times while being completely oblivious to the one that liked me. How's that for totally screwing up that rule?

    (What a huge ordeal, lol.)

    So on that one, I agree guys must be very confusing. The funny thing is- I wasn't intentionally doing any of that.

  • 14) I don't know why...

    15) I can understand why there.

    16) Girls do the same...play mind games. Stupid.

    17) Its called flirting

    18) Same goes for guys...we arnt stupid

    19) Only a jerk would do that

    20) Why? Its easy. Its hard to ask a girl out. YOU do it for once. Its far easier not to do it than be rejected...Its obvious really. You ask Us for once?

  • 1) For the most part, True. Why is this bad though?

    2) Girls do the same

    3) Again, girls do the same

    4) Yeah, that one works both ways...

    5) Girls do a lot of judging by looks aswell you know.

    6) Hmm...to some extent, true. Not the case 100% though

    7) Girls play stupid mind games, so that works both ways.

    8) What's bad about that?

    9) There are easier things to talk about...

    10) Girls do EXACTLY the same.

    11) I don't know there.

    12) Some girls are bitches.

    13) Girls do the same.

  • the things your listing are all just 1 type of guy if you want men who arnt like that stop dating the obviously most douchebag guy in the room.

  • This is so f***ing not correct ( for me ) and it pisses me off lol :D

    not every guy is a self-confident macho player you know

  • 17. I'd rather make someone happy than look "cool"...

    18. I give props to people that can help themselves...

    19. Too shy to bust that type of move...

    20. It's really a case of shyness. We don't want to look stupid in front of you, so rather than straight up talk to someone that doesn't even know them and look stupid doing it, they don't talk to them at all, and hope they get noticed eventually...it's a lonely world for guys like me. Maybe I should just generalize girls...

  • 9. I never get that far before a girl finds a more handsome guy

    10. What I tell you is what I mean...EXACTLY what I mean...

    11. I guess I'm more serious than the guy listed

    12. I give eveyone their due respect

    13. It's the opposite! But we look weak, and become predictable if we show it.

    14. I can't get the people I'm interested in out of my head!

    15. P*rn is so awkward! I'd like to do something else! If you really wanna punish me, talk to me about the problem!

    16. I hate mind games...

  • 1. I'd tell you

    2. Haven't done it

    3. I wouldn't if I liked the person enough...

    4. Maybe... :)

    5. I treat all girls the same...

    6. I NEED to eat, I don't drink, sports are boring, I don't have much of it because I keep it short and simple, what guy won't look at boobs, cars are too complicated for me, and I'd love some serious comitment at the moment

    7. I say hi all the time, but the girl remembers the guy that does cool things more...

    8. I'll tell you all about me, if you gave me the time to.

  • LOL

    Your age is pretty aparent in your writing.

    1) Yes we do. It just takes a long time before we trust someone enough.

    2) Lol seriously? If going after someone who is taken is the trade of one gender, it's the female one.

    3) Women do that too.

    6) Bullsh*t.

    9) Because girls talk about permanent commitment after 2 months.

    10) You think they're mixed messages because you over-analyze

    13) And some girls are lying manipulative bitches. How is this an argument in your article?

  • 13) Bullsh*t

    15) You're getting mad at us because girls are too stubborn to communicate and wish guys would magically read their minds? Seriously?

    17) They tease you because being nice all the time leads to being friendzoned.

    18) Far from true. When guys complain about their problems to other guys, we do it because we're looking for a solution and hoping they can help. So guys think that you're looking for advice when you just want to rant.

    You have much to learn.

  • Here's the answer. Ready? It's really simple:

    1. If a guy doesn't want a girl, then the girl thinks the guy is 'confusing'. He's not, he just doesn't want you. Simple as that.

    2. If a girl doesn't want a guy, then the guy thinks the girl is 'confusing'. She's not, she just doesn't want you. Simple as that.

    Now can we please stop having these types of questions/articles? If a girl/guy likes you, HE/SHE WILL MAKE EFFORT TO SHOW YOU. End of story.

  • hahahahahahhaha you would be surprised to know that most guys think the same about women, albeit a few variations. to MOST guys everything you said is the same for them which leads me to think that women and men aren't so different after all

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  • Here are a few you forgot!

    21) Guys have a fragile ego.. Slightest criticism can totally through them off. That is why most guys can't handle a girl beating them in a game or be smarter than them .

    22) Guys say the don't want a needy, clingy woman where in fact that is exactly what they want and not know it.

    23) Most guys can be incredibily self centered, cruel, and insensitive toward women.

  • this article is extremly sexist not all guys are like this and I'm sure guys think the same thing about us girls..

  • I don't agree with this. The only guys who do this are jerks.

  • let's get more women write against this sort of misandric stuff. and save our men's energy:) - as I gather from looking at the comment thread below, men have unnecessarily overreacted to this article.

  • another regurgitation of misandric stereotypes...

  • I think people are getting confused. Subconciously, I think we know that not all guys are like that. But, that's how we PERCEIVE them to be because women, on the whole, make a huge f***ing mess in their heads of the smallest thing a guy does/says. It's the way we are, GENERALLY SPEAKING.

  • 11.) He looks like he likes you but the next day he gets a girlfriend but still ...idk.. but why? idk

    ^^^^^^^^^this happened to me.. :/ ugrh it sucks!

  • Guys are logical and not as emotional but they do feel emotions, most don't express them. Women can be logical but emotions can get in our way, and kill our actions and judgement. Sometimes the genders are vice versa. The best thing todo is to try to think logically about it, no person is straight forward all the time.

  • 14! Hope that won't happen on me

  • Okay. So I agree about if a guy wants you, he should just straight go for you. I also agree that there are a few jerks and a**holes out there (just like there are bitches and whores out there). However, I have to disagree about the rest of it. I believe the term "what you put in is what you get" plays. Plus, I'm amazed at most guys' honesty -- they can be very honest and open if you just straight up ask them things. Prime example number 1? This site!

  • I totally agree with you about MOST guys, however there are a few, and lucky I know 1, who aren't, guessing by how you described guys you probably are a city girl so you go after city men, try going for a county boy. If you can get past a little dirt and a accent they are caring, sweet, and will work their asses off 2 make you happy

  • My personal favorite is number 10,14 and 20...as thanks to one specific guy I'm experiencing these three at the moment grrrrrrrr

  • aww hun cmon what are you, 12? every guy is different. EVERY point there is a gross generalisation repeated time and time again and I highly doubt these opinions of yours even come out of your mouth. go and meet people and form your own opinions before you accept the stereotypes being shoved down your throat and regurgitate them as your own.

  • number 15 cannot be more true...

  • When you're a teen you think all guys are jerk who only want sex and could care less of you emotionally. Eventually most will grow up. And to say EVERY guy is like that is an exaggeration. I know a few of my guy friends that are amazing and the nicest creatures to walk this Earth.

    Another problem is most girls also have an ideal how a guy should act like. We're all human.

    Guys are harder to get in a female's perspective. But girls are harder to get in a male's perspective. So no one wins.

  • Hahaha I've been reading some of the comments and they make me laugh.. Why are you getting mad ONE girls opinions? Maybe we should change this to "guys under 20"

  • This seems like a cliche but seems so accurate.

  • so so accurate !

  • I kinda agree to this but not all of it. I mean I know some guys who are so sweet and I even go to one of my guy friends to help me with a problem I have.

  • I'm a girl and I get none of these impressions. I think YOU don't get men and you get sh*t from them because you complicate things.

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