Ways to show he cares..physical?

boys what are things you do when you actually care about a girl during the act of getting physical... for ex. kisses on the forehead? kisses on the stomach? am I right or wrong..


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  • Sorry, but I'm a little confused. Do you what to know what we do to show we care during sex? You said during the act of getting physical...what do you mean? Do you mean just physical things we do to show we care?

    I would never kiss a girl on the cheek or the forehead unless I truly cared for them. It sounds stupid, but I would kiss a girl on the lips before I would on the cheek or forehead. The forehead kiss is like SunsetToMe said...it is a sign of deep feelings. It shows "I'll always be there to protect you". It says "You are mine and I'm lucky and thankful to have you!". It shows how proud I am of you. There is only one girl in my entire life that I have kissed on the forehead or cheek.

    Now I have hugged girls that are just friends, but never kissed one and definitely not on the forehead or cheek areas. I will also just hold hands while we are at the movies instead of making out or putting my arm around you. I just love holding her hand...I could hold it for hours at a time.

    Some other ways are when you two cuddle I'm not trying to make it lead to sex. If I come over and spend time with you and we just talk for hours. Guys don't like to talk for hours on end so if we talk to you like that then we care for you.

    If we go to sleep together in the same bed and don't mess around or have sex then that shows he cares. Like if I just kiss you when we go to bed and nothing else...no touching, fondling, groping or anything. I'll just put my arm over you and go to sleep.

    They are a bunch of physical ways to show I care.

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      I didn't answer this, but I wouldn't kiss a girl on the stomach. I never heard of a guy doing this other than maybe during foreplay or something like when he is going down on her. Maybe work yourself from the lips to the neck, then to the breast area and then on down....other than that I'm not sure I have ever kissed a girls stomach...lol. I might be weird thou!

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      Well ya I meant during foreplay.