Ways to show he cares..physical?

boys what are things you do when you actually care about a girl during the act of getting physical... for ex. kisses on the forehead? kisses on the stomach? am I right or wrong..


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  • Sorry, but I'm a little confused. Do you what to know what we do to show we care during sex? You said during the act of getting physical...what do you mean? Do you mean just physical things we do to show we care?

    I would never kiss a girl on the cheek or the forehead unless I truly cared for them. It sounds stupid, but I would kiss a girl on the lips before I would on the cheek or forehead. The forehead kiss is like SunsetToMe said...it is a sign of deep feelings. It shows "I'll always be there to protect you". It says "You are mine and I'm lucky and thankful to have you!". It shows how proud I am of you. There is only one girl in my entire life that I have kissed on the forehead or cheek.

    Now I have hugged girls that are just friends, but never kissed one and definitely not on the forehead or cheek areas. I will also just hold hands while we are at the movies instead of making out or putting my arm around you. I just love holding her hand...I could hold it for hours at a time.

    Some other ways are when you two cuddle I'm not trying to make it lead to sex. If I come over and spend time with you and we just talk for hours. Guys don't like to talk for hours on end so if we talk to you like that then we care for you.

    If we go to sleep together in the same bed and don't mess around or have sex then that shows he cares. Like if I just kiss you when we go to bed and nothing else...no touching, fondling, groping or anything. I'll just put my arm over you and go to sleep.

    They are a bunch of physical ways to show I care.

    • I didn't answer this, but I wouldn't kiss a girl on the stomach. I never heard of a guy doing this other than maybe during foreplay or something like when he is going down on her. Maybe work yourself from the lips to the neck, then to the breast area and then on down....other than that I'm not sure I have ever kissed a girls stomach...lol. I might be weird thou!

    • Well ya I meant during foreplay.

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  • Well its really romantic to kiss a girl on the ears stomach forehead take your time. Have you actually had sex. If not is he trying to get your clothes off touch your breasts. Not saying those things aren't loving they certainly can be. But just because he is tender and slow and does a lot to turn you on doesn't automatically mean love. It could be that he's just trying to do a good job so you will want to have sex with him more or to have the satisfaction of satisfying you. Most guys really want to do good in bed and please the woman whether its their wife or a one night stand.

  • I am assuming you are asking about foreplay. I think foreplay is the most important part of a sexual encounter, and when having sex with someone you have an emotional bond with, even more important.

    I start with a long kiss. And then move to the parts of her body that I know are connected to her core. Her neck, her breast, the small of her back, all are places that I visit before I even begin to think she is ready for "more".

    Good Luck


  • If I kiss you on the neck when I give you a hug or if you are laying in my lap and I reach down and brush back your hair and kiss your forehead or if I'm laying with my girl and I just reach my hand under her shirt and rub back and forth with my fingers on her tummy.

  • If your asking does kissing a girl on the forehead, stomach etc during / after sex or foreplay mean that a guy cares I'd have to say not necessarilly.

  • kisses on the cheek


    extended eye contact.

  • only kisses on forehead but not in stomach...but sry if I would care for a girl I vil try to be happy with her without any physical contact...except holding her hand in my hand


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  • A couple of my exes really liked rubbing my stomach when we were laying together. I found it to be really sweet because it felt nice, but it was never really a sexual touch. When I asked them why they did it, said they didn't really notice that they were doing it. They said they did it because it made them feel calm in a way. A couple of my girlfriends said that their boyfriend's do the same thing! After doing some research, I found that it's completely psychological. A man who cares deeply for another woman may do something like rest his head on or rub his girl's stomach, because the act is significant of a father soothing a baby in his partner's womb. Weird, eh? It's obvious that the woman isn't pregnant, but he does it because he thinks of you as a wifely figure, or one that he loves and needs to protect.

  • While I was unofficially dating this guy, he kissed me on the forehead and it was the cutest thing ever, I instantly melted.

    Ive asked guys what a kiss on the forehead means, and pretty much all of them said they wouldn't do that to 'just any girl'. Theyd only do it to a girl they really cared about. They said a kiss on the forehead is an action for the something along the words of "I'll protect you" or "Youre mine and I love it". That's what it felt like when my guy did it too me... but who knows... it could mean nothing. But I doubt it.

    • What would you think if a good friend, guy of course, kissed your forehead in the same way?

    • To noodle-

      i guess it would depend a lot on when he kisses you on the forehead. is it when you're saying goodbye to each other? or when you're in the middle of a conversation? or what. he may be hinting that he likes you more than a friend... it just depends on how he goes about doing it. it might just be a friendly gesture, or a thank you of some sort...?

    • It's been over a year SunsetToMe. Did you guys progress? I know a guy I was unofficially dating did the same thing to me. I too instantly melted and wanted him never to leave.

  • I am in total agreement with paintballguy. Kisses on the cheek.forehead are definately good indicators. Me and my best friend David are very very close. He has had my back since I was 18 when we met, and I'm almost 24 now. He dates a lot of girls and kisses people and stuff but I am the only person he kisses on the cheek and forehead. He says its because he "absolutely adores me and thinks the world of me". I know lol he's such a sweetheart. As for showing signs during foreplay you should be getting this feeling of actual intimacy. Like he wants to be close to you in more than just a physical way.

  • when I'm out w/my guy he'll hold my hand anywhere we go. He kisses me on the cheek when I least expect it, in the middle of the store or where ever...which is really cute. We cuddle when we sleep & sometimes I'll move over because I figure he might be getting uncomfortable in the same position & I'll wake up & find out he's pulled me right back to where I started. I've caught him a few times when he thinks I'm sleeping leaning in to brush my hair back & kiss the nape of my neck...which makes me melt just thinking about it. so cute.