What are some places to meet nice guys?

Ok I'm curious what are some good places to meet guys that are nice and not out for just one thing. Are there some places better than other places to find nice guys?

Ok to specify what kind of nice guy I'm looking for. I want someone who is nice and sweet, not too cocky or a jerk, it would be nice if they didn't believe in premarital sex too since I don't either and I want someone who's fun to be around.


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  • I agree with allmixedup on the place NOT to meet a nice guys: bars, club, etc. And as for the the gym, you can try. But the problem with the gym is that it has too much different type of people, some nice, some not so nice, some overly obsessive with body, etc.

    So I recommend you looking for "nice" guys who aren't after one thing, which I assume is sex, at the following places:

    try book stores, Barnes & noble, etc

    seminars, especially when it deals with improving society and self improvement

    volunteer work, food for homeless, home construction

    grocery stores, on the "healthy" aisle

    local park, on run track

    aquarium, museum, art gallery, exhibits

    These are just some ideas to improve your chances of meeting a decent guy. But the ultimate question is, what will YOU do once you see such a guy?

    • Oh yeah that is a good question since I am pretty shy and I do have a little trouble talking to a guy I don't know already. That list gave me some good ideas though so thanks.

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  • Go to activities (that *you* like) you think nice guys would do: church singles (be honest and genuine though, don't act fake to get someone to like you. It won't workout long term), volunteer work, political rallies for important causes. Basically look for activities that indicate genuine moral fiber.

  • Ever tried church? Not necessarily as a dating service, but that's probably the kind of guy you're looking for.

    • I go to a small church & there isn't anyone else my age there & I am in the church choir & even in charge of vbs this year but I've never met any guys my age there or even close to my age. I do occasionally go to a friends church but no guys there either.

    • Well aren't there larger churches in the area that you could maybe visit?

  • In all honesty, it's all what kind of guy you're looking for! I would say that there are more jerks then good guys. But it depends on what you're into. If you're looking for a guy that is religious, then obviously church would be the place to look. Obviously I wouldn't go to a church to check out a guy, but you know what I mean. If you're into keeping in shape, then definitely a gym would be a great place. Just be careful because I would say that there are a lot of guys who are self indulged at the gym. But I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and I am not like that, so there are guys like that. If you enjoy reading, I would say a library. Look in the newspaper for community classes such as painting, dance classes, or things of that nature. You can also strike up a conversation with a guy at the grocery store or coffeehouse. You can get to know the person without sounding desperate.

  • That solely rests on what you find as a "nice guy"......a club, bar, pub is not such a good place....and watch out for what you a looking for. the guys with the 6 figure salaries are either taken or want a piece of ass....but you don't want a vagabond either. check out the guys where you go to during the day- a department store, an eating establishment, have a coworker or friend set you up......

  • The funny thing is that you can find nice guys in most places! There is no one particular place. Just have your radar tuned better for them instead of the kind you don't like.

    • Try the local health spa. At least you know he'll be in shape. ;-)

  • I believe I would qualify... Let's see, usually when I'm not at home I'm at the ski resorts ripping down the mountain in the winter, or out at the lake on a sailboat in the summer. Otherwise, college, church, trips to Home Depot/lowes/walmart/etc. I would say church is the most sure way to find the correct type of person. Otherwise try visiting places like boat marinas or maybe running/bike shops? Maybe marathons or something like that? Good luck!


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  • The gym is a great place to meet a guy! Although I wouldn't be on a hunt at a club for your dream man, laid back bars are actually good places to meet guys too.

  • I say look for a decent guy at an activity that you're interested in. Maybe through volunteering, salsa class, cooking, go-karting, or self defense class. There's a few websites out there where singles meet through doing various activities. Even if you don't find mr. Right at that particular activity, at least you enjoyed yourself.

    • I've never heard of those websites before could you list a few, they sound interesting.

    • The ones I have seen require you to pay since it is a "service." Although there is a site called PlentyofFish where people announce activities and people post that they will be attending. I would like to know as well if there are any other sites as well.