I get rejected a lot...is this normal?

okay, so I get rejected way to much...over the past 6 months, I have tried to get a date with 36 women that I have talked to around campus, I've gotten rejected every time...being rejected 36 times in a row seems like a lot. I can't speak for anyone else, I've only lived life in my shoes, but is... Show More

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  • Looks do matter but they are not everything.. personality..and the way you approach them will have something to do with things... So maybe it's the way you come on to women..

    sometimes if you come on to strong..women tend to step back and reject a guy... from the way you've described your rejections.. I don't think there are many guys that have even approached that many women in that period of time to even get rejected that much.. so that let's me know you might be trying to take girls out right away or just not approaching them wrong.

    • Ive already explained how I approach them, and its a very normal way to do it. I don't know why everyone insists on saying its my personality. As I have explained, there is no good reason to beleive my personality or my approach is lacking. But I do have good reason to beleive my looks are lacking: I NEVER EVER get complimented or checked out by women, EVER! therefore I must not be good looking. The only explanation that makes logical sense is that I'm not attractive.

    • No you didn't really say much about your approach. Do you try taking girls out on dates right away after meeting them? Do you ask any girl out, or do you go for the ones that give you signs that they like you? How do you go about trying to get with these girls? and well the hardest thing is finding something wrong with your personality, it could be something minor that needs a little tweekin.as far as looks you could always work on that. If you're not attractive, then you'll have to work harder

    • As I said before, once I get their number, if I do, they block me from talking to them on the phone right off the bat. They never returning calls, they don't answer when I call, they ignore my text messages, so I never get a chance to ask them out. I already said women NEVER EVER check me out, so of course none of the women I approach give me signs. I refuse to believe that it is something minor that is wrong with my personality, there's no way women are that sensitive to personalities.