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Acting indifferent, how should I do it?

Well, I'm the person with the "confused and shattered" question a few days ago. As of now its in break mode. I'm feeling better right now. I've been... Show More

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  • I wouldn't bother acting indifferent with her, these mind games just take up time and do no one any favouirs. Just be honest with her.

  • Let me ask you one thing,

    Do you want to play games or do you want to try establishing a good relationship with her?

    If you want to play games then being indifferent is good. After all, indifferent = not caring, so you'll be telling her that you don't really care whether she stays or goes.

    If you want to build a solid, trusting and long lasting relationships then games should only be reserved for the bedroom and just tell her how crazy you are for her. I know you said in our other question that you've literally poured your heart out so you've taken the risk to put it all on the line. So why give it all up now by playing games?

    An alternative may be to tell her how you've felt over the last few days and that you've been worried about her and yourself and that its been an emotional roller coaster and that you are now truly confused as to where you and her stand.

    Be truthful as I personally do not believe that games in relationships have any winner. You usually end up with two losers who broke each others heart in the process even though their intentions may have been well.

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