Girls: Do you like getting hit on?

Do you like it when you're walking down the street for instance, and guys check you out and/or whistle?

  • Yes (makes me feel confident)
    59% (58)12% (7)41% (65)Vote
  • No (that's disgusting)
    10% (10)2% (1)7% (11)Vote
  • Other (please describe)
    16% (16)3% (2)11% (18)Vote
  • ... just wanna see the results
    15% (15)83% (48)41% (63)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Genuinely I don't like it,it can make me feel very uncomfortable to walk past a group of guys and have them cat-call or wolf whisle after me,makes me feel too self concious.

    I become overly aware of myself-i think its fair to say that MOST women dread walking past a load of builders,you kind of think "oh here me go" and try and fix a nonchalent look on your face because you KNOW they are going to say something/cat-call.

    It can feel very intrusive,imho,to have a group of guys check you out.

    If its done subtley its not so bad though lol.

    • Being 'hit on' does not equal 'cat calls'

      it's understandable to not like cat calls... but being hit on is completely different

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    • I don't know about most guys but I've never whistled to a girl I just quickly check them out and hope they don't notice. I do have a slight problem with turning away from a girl I find relay attractive when I'm just checking girls out I have to "force" myself to look away. lol.

    • I know what you mean by walking by construction workers. If I can, I cross the street. Haha. But I usually just try to ignore it.

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What Guys Said 2

  • The girls I met and those I'm friends with would say yes,because if you don't get hit on by girls it can really hurt there Confident and can lead to very low self- esteem.


  • Most women only like it from guys they are attracted to...I think men should keep their eyes and comments to theirselves!


What Girls Said 14

  • Like many others have said, it depends on who's doing it. If a nasty looking guy does it, I actually feel kind of disgusted with myself (I guess it makes me feel badly about myself if I attract someone who's deeply unattractive), so I'd rather they not. Either than that, it can be nice. But if they're attractive and they find me attractive, they may feel free to look. Just do it respectfully. Don't yell after women and don't follow them. It's frightening and will kill almost any chance that you may have if you had one to begin with.

    • This may be news to you, but people can't choose what face they're born with. It's certainly normal to not be physically attracted to a physically unattractive person.. but being ugly doesn't make one less likely to be attracted to an attractive person, nor does it give you a reason to be disgusted -- with them, or yourself. People are people, regardless of what they look like, and a compliment from one you deem to be attractive is no more meaningful than a compliment from anyone else.

    • What you say makes absolute sense. You are correct in that, but the way I feel isn't wrong. It can't be helped. I'm never mean to anyone who is kind enough to approach me, but the flattery does vary. Think about it. Would you be more flattered if you were hit on by Scarlett Johansson or Susan Boyle? The answer is obvious. A compliment from an attractive person is the same as one from an unattractive person overall, but it psychologically still has more merit coming from someone who is pretty.

    • The varying levels of flattery would have more to do with their age difference than their appearance. Old people say people are good looking all the time. xD They never know what they're talking about. Should I be disgusted with myself if an attractive gay man that I'm obviously not attracted to hits on me? Where the favor is coming from means very little, imho, and I would think that to say otherwise is like saying the President's favorite team is more important than your neighbors. I disagree.

  • I think every girl likes to be flirted with and get hit on , but there's a limit. I can remember when I was at a club with a friend and this guy just appeared everywhere and kept asking to buy me a drink even though I kept saying no. When it gets to be overbearing then I don't like it. As long as it's done with tact I like it... but every now and then it's nice for a guy to be over the top about it, like to keep looking at me nd whatnot lol

  • I voted "Other" just because it depends.

    If it's tastefully done, yes, it's a confidence booster. If it involves whistling or lame pickup lines, I find that more degrading than flattering.

  • If it's obvious that their over eighteen then no I don't like it at all.

    Sometimes I do like it though, like I'll take it as a commpliment, and other times its just plain annoying. Lol.

    • Isnt that being agist? or is it just cause you know its illegal?

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    • Ha. Well I won't date someone more than two years older than me, so its just weird when older people do.

    • In all honesty that attitude will change when she is over 18 when she is an adult (or 21 depending on where you are) it's just that when not an adult any adult who looks at you and you still see yourself as a child it does seem pervy... I still see myself as a kind so if a 20 year old would look at me like that I'd find it odd... but when I'm 18 and am an adult I wouldn't find it so weird. I know strange but true.

  • It depends, really. If the guy is being nice and being a proper gentleman, than yes, I like it because that type of guy doesn't make me feel cheap or like an object. That type of guy makes me feel pretty and want to smile. The other guys who say or imply vulgar things about me just kind of make me feel sad and want to disappear. I try to put on a polite smile when I encounter guys like these and pretend that their remarks don't bother me, but inside, they really do.

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