Girls: Do you like getting hit on?

Do you like it when you're walking down the street for instance, and guys check you out and/or whistle?

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  • Vote B No (that's disgusting)
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  • Genuinely I don't like it,it can make me feel very uncomfortable to walk past a group of guys and have them cat-call or wolf whisle after me,makes me feel too self concious.

    I become overly aware of myself-i think its fair to say that MOST women dread walking past a load of builders,you kind of think "oh here me go" and try and fix a nonchalent look on your face because you KNOW they are going to say something/cat-call.

    It can feel very intrusive,imho,to have a group of guys check you out.

    If its done subtley its not so bad though lol.

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      Being 'hit on' does not equal 'cat calls'

      it's understandable to not like cat calls... but being hit on is completely different

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      I don't know about most guys but I've never whistled to a girl I just quickly check them out and hope they don't notice. I do have a slight problem with turning away from a girl I find relay attractive when I'm just checking girls out I have to "force" myself to look away. lol.

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      I know what you mean by walking by construction workers. If I can, I cross the street. Haha. But I usually just try to ignore it.