Does ignoring a woman make her more interested?

Does ignoring a woman make her more interested in you? I have a question.. I been seeing this girl for 1 month. When I talk to her its cool. We get along great. I would call her, Then she will tell me she will call me back. She never does. She tells me she likes me and I'm a great cute fun loving guy.. Why does it seem like she playing hard to get... I can ask her out today and she want give me a definite answer on when.. She always flirts with me.. If I ignore her for a while.. would that make her wonder what happen to me. I told her that I'm interested in talking to her more. I told her that I like spending time with her..


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  • She may be interested, in your company, and the attention you give her.

    She doesn`t want to give you a straight answer because she doesn`t want to lose you (the attention).

    You are her safety net. When she has nothing else to do (bored), or when she needs self reassurance, she talks to you. She would probably call you, but she knows you would do that for her, so...

    If you ignore her, ofcourse she is going to think about you. --Wonder what you are doing, and why you`re not chasing her anymore. --But it doesn`t mean she will like you any more than she does now.

    If you tell a girl how you feel, and she doesn`t respond to it, EVER, then it means she doesn`t feel the same. Even if she is not the type to express her feelings verbally, her actions would at least tell you something. In this case, her actions tell you she is not taking you seriously.

    If you continue to pursue this girl, I think you will end up heartbroken. I suggest you start moving on. If she REALLY likes you, she knows what she has to do. But I, personally, wouldn`t wait on it.

    Don`t get fooled when she texts you out of the blue... it is mainly because she is lonely, looking for someone to talk to, bored, or some other dude dumped her/made her feel bad.

    If I`m wrong and this is her way of "playing hard to get"... then your relationship with her will be full of mind games, now and in the future... do you really want that? I think you can do better.

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