Why do some girls run from love?

how come if a girl likes a dude and she's falling for him...she moves further away and keeps her distance more as he gets closer?


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  • We are afraid of getting hurt, dear.

    If a girl is trying to run from love, she is scared of being hurt.

    Obviously, nobody wants to be hurt, and the closer we get to love, the more vulnerable we become.

    For example, even if a boy means the world to us, it may be hard for us to express that, because the second we let them know that they mean so much to us, we become vulnerable. Now he knows that the girl feels so strongly about him, and he has the power to break her. We get scared.

    If you want a girl to stay with you and not 'run from love', you need to make her feel safe with you. Prove to her that she can trust you and that you do not intend on hurting her.

    You can do something nice for her, that is personal, so she knows that you think about her, or plan a nice evening of just hanging out, having fun, and just being yourselves. When she starts to feel comfortable around you, she starts to feel safe around you, and she won't run.

    If you are really into her, and really care about her, Tell her a secret. Something that you wouldn't tell just anyone. This way, she knows you trust her, and also, she feels like she has something of yours. Sharing a secret creates a bond. You tell a secret, and if she is trusting you, she will probably tell one back, and guess what... now you have a connection, and now she has at least has started to trust you, and she is feeling more safe.

    Girls are afraid of being hurt, all we need is for the guy to prove to us that they are trustworthy and we are safe. (:

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