Do girls feel bad when they reject a guy?

if a girl rejects a potential boyfriend does she feel bad--assuming he was good to her and all and she kind of liked him?

if they feel bad do girls cry when they are a lone?


Most Helpful Girl

  • well yea we are humans still

    we do feel bad when we reject because we feel like we have hurt him and we take it personally

    as for me I have learned to put myself in other people shoes so yea I can feel how a guy would feel if I rejected him and I feel as bad I get mad at myself and sometimes will try to do so much to compensate like tell him we can be good friends try to indirectly set him up or get his attention on another girl because I just simply feel terrible!

    and yea we do cry when we have to turn down a guy we like because its just hard th emotions are there but there are other problems it can kill both the guy and the girl