Do girls feel bad when they reject a guy?

if a girl rejects a potential boyfriend does she feel bad--assuming he was good to her and all and she kind of liked him?

if they feel bad do girls cry when they are a lone?


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  • well yea we are humans still

    we do feel bad when we reject because we feel like we have hurt him and we take it personally

    as for me I have learned to put myself in other people shoes so yea I can feel how a guy would feel if I rejected him and I feel as bad I get mad at myself and sometimes will try to do so much to compensate like tell him we can be good friends try to indirectly set him up or get his attention on another girl because I just simply feel terrible!

    and yea we do cry when we have to turn down a guy we like because its just hard th emotions are there but there are other problems it can kill both the guy and the girl


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  • yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,!

    We feel horrible rejecting guys, even if we didn't like them at all.

    If we like them back, its so much worse. We don't wanna reject them, we don't wanna let go, but there is obviously a reason that we have to.. We feel like monsters, and we feel like sh*t, and we kick ourselves for being so horrible..

    And yeah.. we cry.

    Alone in our rooms, something reminds us of something, and we bawl.

    It is quite devestating..

  • when I reject a nice guy, yes I feel bad. but I have to be honest... it's for a more selfish reason. if he was good to me, and an overall nice guy, then I really enjoyed having him as a friend. after rejecting him, it usually ruins the friendship, they get distant from me, and our relationship changes. I've lost a lot of really great male friends after they told me they had strong feelings for me, and I didn't reciprocate the feelings... but some guys accept it and are able to remain a good friend of mine

    • I couldn't do that...

      If a friend reject me like that, I'd persist maybe.. But then after.. I agree that it ruins the friendship, and I would have no choice to but to move on.

  • I don't feel good about it but I wouldn't cry about it because he's someone I'm not interested in and I'd be honest with him so he can move on and find someone who does like him

  • Not really, just relieved X-D...

  • yea.

    the only time I feel bad is if that person was, as you said, good to me

    and/or a friend of mine.

    no. personally I'm not one to cry over something like that.

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  • Depends on if you're dealing with a woman or a girl.

    In my opinion, based on my rejections and the sheer level of disrespect and nastiness, I gotta say most girls either don't mind rejecting a guy they think is a loser, or that those people a lot of them actually take pleasure in it. They tend to act more repulsed and offended that I dared to ask them out.

    Women on the other hand, I think most of them feel bad about it if you treated them with respect. Some may not really notice.

    And many girls, in my experience, will make fun of the guy or choose to insult the guy, and show a lot of disrespect. Women tend to be more mature about it, and tend to handle it better.

    Now, to answer your last question, I don't think any woman or girl has cried after they've rejected me. I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that it's not that huge of an issue to them.

  • Of course they're going to feel bad. They're not emotionless machines. Most of them aren't, anyway.

  • I've known this girl for about a year, 1month ago I started to like her, so I began talking to her about herself and things that she likes, I got her some simple gifts over time hoping that she would appreciate it and start to like me back. I spent time with her as mush as I could without making it awkward, so valentines day comes and I get her a teddy bear and a card that says be mine... 2 weeks later I ask her to be my girlfriend and she says she needs to think about it, it took her 5 days to give me the answer. The fifth day comes with the answer and it was a yes! I walk her home that day and give her a hug. the next day I come to school and she already wants to breakup with me saying that she doesn't feel conferable dating me so she broke up with me. Felt like sh*t and wanted to die, but I now realize she's not worth it,and I'll will move on.

    (I'm in middle school and in the 8th grade)

  • girls pretend to care about peoples feeling but they are mean

  • No they are coldhearted.

    • Lol. that's kinda funny but at the same time mean and not true. ( does not apply to all girls)

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