How do girls feel when guys grab their a**?

how do girls feel about it when you grab there ass?cause I'm grabbing my girls ass but I don't know how she feels about it.i really like her and don't want to lose her.please answer quickly...


Most Helpful Guy

  • Sometimes it's all about timing... When you grab her ass, and what kind of mood she's already in.

    If you grab it in the kitchen...When she isn't expecting it, and aren't even lookin to get laid... just grabbed it because "it looked so nice... I just had to grab it" and then walk away.. Like into the other room.

    I think she will be amused, and will like it...


What Girls Said 6

  • If he's my boyfriend then I'm fine with it but anything else he should not be doing that!

  • If I could chose one thing for my boyfriend to do more it would be to grab my ass. He doesn't do it enough and when he does I love it!

  • If you guys have been dating for a short time, I don't think its a good idea. But if you guys are in a point where its all confortable, then there's no need to worry. I personally think that sometimes it makes me think he is only for sex. but again it depends on the level of your relationship.

  • i love it when I guy grabs my arse

    but only if I know them

    even if its a guy friend

    i still love it!

    i'm sure if she's your girlfriend she won't mind.

  • Well if it was my boyfriend then I would want him to grab my ass but if it was so random person I would be pretty p*ssed off

  • hmmn I wouldn't mind it if my guy did that when were alone, cumfy and have privacy... as long as its not somewhere public, when she's busy or stressed/not in the mood, it should be fine...

    the other guy is right, its all about timing...


What Guys Said 2

  • well I have a girlfriend and I usually grab her butt, then after our date or at the end of the day I ask her bout it and if she says she doesn't mind then go do that alll the heck you want just don't do it in public too much cause it might be a turn off to her if people are watching this going on