Is my girlfriend bored with me? What can I do? Can anyone help me please? =(

My girlfriend and I have been together for almost 8 months..and now,she seems to be bored with me and whatever I did for her she'll just get mad or just p*ssed off..when I tried to care about her,she'll say I'm controlling her..i know I shouldn't give her so much advices but I just want to care for... Show More

can anyone gives more advices to me please? especially from the girls..i really want to know how girls think..thank you..
and yeah!my girlfriend told me that her parents don't allow her to go out with friends..I've dated her out once but he rejected and told me that her parents don't allow.but yesterday she told me that she's going out with her friends on this coming Sunday.
and she didn't even ask me whether I want to go or not..

do you think she's fed up with me? =(

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  • make her work for your attention brah...

    "she'll just get mad or just p*ssed off..when I tried to care about her"

    so stop smothering her, go out a few nights with your mates instead, don't call her, this paranoia adrenaline butterfly in your stomach sensation that your feeling now which is making you want her more... that's what SHE needs broseph... she is not feeling this sensation cause you have made it impossible for her to worry, I bet you have made it so she knows where you are at any given time, second, who your with and what your doing, don't call her for a while, if you call her alot, after a week she will be like, hmm, I wonder why he hasn't called... then she might not call after a week or 2... move on bro, if she does, it's cause she's curious as to why your usual pattern has been broken... curious is good, that's the first step, can even not tell her, just say sorry babe just got caught up doin some sh*t, s'cool now, you good hun? how's your week been, DON'T apologise for not calling, even in a "sorry I haven't called by the way" sort of way, just be like yea been busy, then change the subject off you to her, say how's your week been?

    yada yada, play the game, give her a bit of drama, mystery, excitement, that's what she wants...