You all know how guy's think, was he blowing me off?

Ok so 2 nights ago I texted this guy who gave me his number. He told me he didn't think I was gonna text him. We really hit it off that night. He seemed really great because he was very straightforward with what was going on his life. He's at a rehab place for drug abuse. After he told me that he didn't think Id keep talking to him. But I kept talking to him and we seemed to really connect the first night. Well last night he texted me and we talked again for some time. Again I got the vibe that we were really connecting. We both said we were single and he said he wanted to go out on a date with me. He's very serious about recovering. Anyways we started talking around like 11pm and then at like 1 he just stopped texting me, no warning. I don't know the last text was a little strange but not wierd. he said he does have a life outside where he is and that he has plans but that he just wanted help. He said he didn't want my mind filled wit silly thoughts (watever that means). I guess he was just letting me know he wasn't just some loser with no future. And I responded saying that yea I understood he had a life and I asked him what major he'd go into wen he went back to school (b/c he said he was gonna go back to school). he didn't respond so I was like yea I shouldnt have asked that maybe that was too personal and then texted to him hey I like to ask questions just tell me to back off if I ask too much or something. he still didn't respond so I fell asleep.

I know this is long sorry! Guys, was he blowing me off? I don't want to jump to conlcusions. I just hate it when people stop talking to you with no explanation. I mean have you guys ever done that? stopped texting with no explanation? maybe you were tired?


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  • Potentially:

    1) He fell asleep

    2) The rehab place took away his phone to enforce a lights out time of some sort

    Be careful with this guy, I know he's in rehab getting treatment and that's good, but he can still have a lot of issues as he tries to kick his habit.


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  • For a person with such an extreme situation (regardless of how he tried to minimalize it for you) keeping up with texts could be the least of his worries. There's all kinds of possibilities that would keep him from finishing the conversation, none of which involve you or the question you asked which frankly isn't that big a deal as far as personal questions go. andif he was going to blow you off most guys would give a lame excuse rather than simply stop and vanish.

  • I would run from this one.. he sounds like a month of trouble, or a lifetime of pain. Run baby, run.

    Good Luck,


    • I feel like you tell everyone to run. that's most of the advice I've seen you tell someone. I've been that girl to run and not give people a chance. and its not a good thing to do. just cause he's a recovering drug addict doesn't mean that he doesn't deserve a chance. and as for this question, back off some, he could have fallin asleep, he wasn't blowing you off. you'll hear from him, don't be clingy!

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    • Don't be too hard on yourself. When the RIGHT guy comes along, you will not run. And life is too precious to spend it with someone who isn't the right person. You won't run when he is right.

    • Yes, I believe that. but by running you are losing out on a lot of lessons.

  • He might have been a little bit confused about the issues of life since he has been abusing himself with drugs and he might have been ashamed with himself. Just try to give him time and also encourage him. Try to be advising him and also make him happy (not by doing silly things but reasonable things). Share things that are realted to academic issues so that he can get himself back on track.

  • He might've fallen asleep (might also be a side effect of rehab), or his phone died. But I don't think he was blowing you off, that seems really unlikely.

  • He probably went to bed its not a big deal happens to me all the time as long as he texted you the next morning ur fine or maybe his text didn't send and he thought you never texted back and fell asleep


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  • I don't know but I would get with easy one. He didn't want to continue that talk. I mean when I have a conversation and I find something better or more important to do or when I have nothing else to say I just end up conversation, sometimes with excuse if it's important person for me, if not so I just stop talking as I'm bored or not really in a mood to talk about the topic to that other person. If he didn't contact you the next day to say what's wrong, I'd say he is not really interested at the moment. I think his issues still put some barriers in pursuing something more.

  • yeah I wouldn't look too far into it. You haven't given him much of a reason to blow you off. I agree that he probably fell asleep or something came up.

    Do be careful with this guy, I know it sounds stereotypical, but drug abuse is no joke. Even after someone has recovered, the likelihood of someone having a slip up is high, and even when they aren't on the drug, they tend to fixate on other things. Its a difficult life, and you gotta be willing to be there through the struggles of addiction.

    hope I helped and good luck!

  • maybe he just didn't feel comfortable talking about that subject,maybe cause he has other people asking/bugging him about it..but a guy likes a mysterious if I were you I wouldn't have text him after asking that question...if he's interested, he'll reply whenever he gets ur message...OR maybe he fell asleep? I tend to do that a lot with the guy I like..i fall asleep while texting biggie..he'll come around if he likes you :)

  • Maybe he ran out of credit. Always happens to me at the worst times.