You all know how guy's think, was he blowing me off?

Ok so 2 nights ago I texted this guy who gave me his number. He told me he didn't think I was gonna text him. We really hit it off that night. He seemed really great because he was very straightforward with what was going on his life. He's at a rehab place for drug abuse. After he told me that he didn't think Id keep talking to him. But I kept talking to him and we seemed to really connect the first night. Well last night he texted me and we talked again for some time. Again I got the vibe that we were really connecting. We both said we were single and he said he wanted to go out on a date with me. He's very serious about recovering. Anyways we started talking around like 11pm and then at like 1 he just stopped texting me, no warning. I don't know the last text was a little strange but not wierd. he said he does have a life outside where he is and that he has plans but that he just wanted help. He said he didn't want my mind filled wit silly thoughts (watever that means). I guess he was just letting me know he wasn't just some loser with no future. And I responded saying that yea I understood he had a life and I asked him what major he'd go into wen he went back to school (b/c he said he was gonna go back to school). he didn't respond so I was like yea I shouldnt have asked that maybe that was too personal and then texted to him hey I like to ask questions just tell me to back off if I ask too much or something. he still didn't respond so I fell asleep.

I know this is long sorry! Guys, was he blowing me off? I don't want to jump to conlcusions. I just hate it when people stop talking to you with no explanation. I mean have you guys ever done that? stopped texting with no explanation? maybe you were tired?


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  • Potentially:

    1) He fell asleep

    2) The rehab place took away his phone to enforce a lights out time of some sort

    Be careful with this guy, I know he's in rehab getting treatment and that's good, but he can still have a lot of issues as he tries to kick his habit.