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Is my married coworker flirting with intentions?

It all started with a class we had together, I sat by him at the same table and he spoke out loud in class as he's the bold, direct, loud type. It... Show More

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  • Try getting a boyfriend of your own. If you didn't like him, you wouldn't be so intrigued by and notice all this behavior.

What Girls Said 1

  • Even married, religious types flirt, and feel temptations, especially when they think it is reciprocated. It sounds like he is definitely flirting with you. You could be honest with him and tell him you enjoy his friendship, but the other workers are starting to think something is going on between you, and you don't want rumors getting back to his wife about it. That should make him pull in the reigns a little bit, and if he doesn't, you are going to have to be really blunt.

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