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How do I know he feels chemistry too?

I recently met a guy and when I see him, talk to him or look into his eyes I feel intense chemistry that I have rarely felt. If it wasn't for this... Show More

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  • You can figure out if he feels it too by observing his actions. Body language says a lot. If he's talking to someone else but his torso and/or his feet are still pointing in your direction, that's a good sign. Lots of eye contact is good, along with a quick half-second eyebrow-raise when he sees you. If he touches his hair or something like he's fixing it when he sees you, that's yet another good sign.Same thing goes for figuring out if he does this with every girl. Just observe him and how he acts with other girls, and soon you'll have your answer.Oh, and also, if he sticks around you he probably likes you. Guys don't hang around girls they don't like.

    • Thanks! He does act like that around me. Like he's really interested in my opinions and trusts what I say, we hold eye contact for a very long time, and he perks up when he sees me or is talking to me, like he's keen to ask me things and discuss things he can't usually talk to girls about. But I just found out he has a girlfriend!! I don't think it's very serious and he once said he didn't understand people getting so attached to a girlfriend/boyfriend so I don't think he is.

    • It seems like he's been avoiding me a bit but when he is around me or talking online etc he perks up and is flirty and keen to talk to me, but it feels like he's avoiding contact with me now even though it seems like he enjoys it. So confusing!! I don't get why. I thought maybe because of his gf?I'm not going to act on it or do anything because of his gf, but maybe if I just be his friend and wait it out, who knows.

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