Why would a guy act mean towards a girl he does not know?

There is this guy I do not even know, he does not know me, and we never talked. There was this guy who was a cashier at the store where my mom and I was shopping at. I did not know if I would have enough, so I payed for my things and she payed for hers. The guy told my mom,"I would make her pay for that." I ignored him, it did not seem like he was joking, he could have been trying to pick on me. Every time we come into the store or I come into the store, he does not speak and tries to avoid contact. One time he asked my mom when I was not with her, "did she have enough".

It just so happened I found out he goes to the same college I do but we do not know each other. Why would a guy act mean and rude towards a girl and do not know her? It get's annoying. Could he be trying to get me to say something back or what? is there a like? Why would he say things to my mom like that?


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  • That's his problem. You didn't do anything to him so he doesn't have a right to act like that to you. Next time he does something even slightly rude at his job I would say something to his manager. Or when he makes a comment either to you or your mom ask him what his problem is and tell him all he needs to do is ring you up. Maybe he has seen you from afar and has already prejudged you in his mind. Maybe he thinks you think you're better (usually guys with inferiority complexes are like this).

    • I agree, but I would just confront him personally though, instead of going through a manager.

    • Yes I went to easy on him, your right I should have told the manager.

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  • No offense but guys act mean to people they like sometimes and a guy doesn't have to someone to like them.

  • Beacause I bet he sees parents buy their kids stuff for them all the time, without them having to work for it. He is just including you into the stereotype of the "Girl with parents who get everything for her (Car, clothes, phone, pay her bills, buy her gas, pay for movies)". I wouldn't blame him really, I see girls like that all the time, and I feel like kicking them and saying "Earn somthing for once in your life!", but hey, I am a judgmental guy.

    Really though, while its wrong for him to assume that's who you are, I can't blame him, because he has to watch that happen every day he is at work, and I bet he gets sick of it.

    • I can see where your coming from but I'm not that type of girl. I buy things for myself and help my parents, evidently he's judging me without getting to know me first, the bible say, "judge not that you do not be judged" and "look at self first before you talk about someone else". I see your point but this guy still should not be acting this way.

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    • I was not talking about you when I mentioned the bible. The bible part was for the guy, that is what the guy should do.

    • O I know, I am just saying, there are plenty of contradictions in the bible, so its not so great to quote.

  • Did you find him rude as in he was taunting you in anyway? May be he wants to be friendly with you, trying to know you better and he sees this as a way to find out how sportingly you take his remarks. I don't think he is making fun of your independence of being able to buy your own stuff. May he has respect for you but can't explain it properly. Have you visited the store alone? If not then try once and see his reactions and if he again passes any comments at your shopping then ask him straightaway what his intentions are. We should not be too much judgmental about other people's attitude and his character too early. You still have the best option with you to just ignore him.

    • I found him to be picking on me by what he was saying, I am trying to ignore him if he makes a remark or look a certain way at me. I have went to the store alone and he just tries to avoid looking my way or he will turn another way. Thanks for your response

  • In my oppinion... I think it reverts back to kindergarten rules when we are little the way we showed girls we liked them was like chasing them throwing rocks pulling hair you know being mean because we were not quite sure how to approach things some guys still use that to get a girl because it does work the fact that he is going out of his way to try to get some reaction would mean that he may think you are cute and because he knows nthing about you he will do what he can to get attention from you and most people react to meanness compared to kindness because that is human nature...


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  • Guys ast mean to girls they like sometimes.. so maybe he likes you and needs a way to speak to you.. hE Might be jsut trying to tease you...

  • Well maybe that's just his personality. It happened to me to before and there was a time that I really want to yell at him or punch him straight in his face. There are really guys who aren't friendly to girls. I think its just that. Maybe he also doesn't want to be friendly so girls will not misinterpret his kindness

  • He could have a bad impression about you from college, possibly from rumors or whatever, and is being judgemental about it. If not, he's being a asshole, because from what I can tell, he's plainly trying to make your life difficult.