How do I approach someone I don't know? (boy I like)

Ok there is this boy, and he goes to the same school as me. In the morning I catch the bus to school. He has the same bus stop. I notice him, but I'm not sure if he notices me.

The prob is: I'm Latino and Black, and he is White. But I've seen him in school talking to plenty of girls who are black. I'm on the lighter skinned side, and the girls he talks to are darker than I am. I don't mean to sound shallow, but I want to know, if it could be the fact that I'm a different race or the fact that he doesn't know me. I could really tell that he likes this girl.

But I Like him. So, if you think I should talk to him, what should I say. We stand next to each other everyday, and I am pretty, so what's up.?

What could I say to him, to start conversation? Please help.

Thank you