If a girl still talks to you after you two break up does she still have feelings for you?

I broke up with this girl but she is still willing to talk to me. Does she still have feelings for me?


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  • Well, you broke up with her. Of course she still has feelings. If she still wants to talk to you, there's a good chance there is still some spark there on her end. And so she's not ready to get together with you yet - let it breathe. Tell her that you've got a busy work week coming up, or you've got plans, but you would love to grab a drink the following week. She will be all over you like white on rice. And when you do finally see her then you will know for sure what the deal is - because phone, email, im, texts - those are all word based contacting where things can be misconstrued and misinterpreted. To know the real deal you are going to have to get her in a position to see her and look in her eyes and you will know. Look at the way she looks at you. You will 100% know if there are still strong feelings there, or if it's just a friend vibe she wants. And honestly - who the hell isn't scared to love someone? You put yourself out there for something you believe is pure and right with your whole being. Only to have it fall apart. That's life and that's most definitely love - everyone is scared of being hurt. No matter how strong they claim or seem to be


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  • Lol I've been that girl

    and in my case it had little to do with any left over feelings

    when my boyfriend and I broke up I decided that even if we weren't compatible on that level we could still be friends...we still had a lot in common and knew a lot of the same people and so on and so forth.....it would have been very lame indeed to stop being friends with him just because we broke up....yeah I was hurt but it felt even better to conquer the hurt and continue being friends with him......i feel like my situation is a little strange but it's what happened......

  • It's possible that there are some feelings there, or maybe she doesn't want you out of her life completely. It's better to have someone as a friend than to not have them at all. She could just be mature about the situation and doesn't have any hard feelings and wants to continue being friends. Being able to tell if she still has feelings is possible through her body language and actions.

    • Well that's the thing I haven't hung out with her. So how can I tell? I feel like she might be scared to love and any guy she likes she shoves into the friend zone to protect herself. Is that possible?

    • That is very possible. I used to do that out of fear of getting hurt again. I came around though and if it's meant to be, then so will she.

  • Not necessarily, my ex boyfriend broke up with me, but I still talk to him. its called being friends. she could but it doesn't mean she does.

  • Not always.

    Maybe she still sees you as a good guy and someone she would want to be friends with.

    Or she could still be madly in love with you, it all depends on the girl.

    It's gone both ways for me, so like I said, it depends on the girl.

  • It could mean that she just wants to keep in touch, or maybe she wants to figure out what she did wrong, I think we all come back at least once to see if there is anything that we could work out.


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  • It sounds like she does.

  • Does nobody watch Seinfeld, Jerry and Elaine were friends, but there is always that chance, if anything when your drunk you could make-out and or hook-up gigidy gigidy alright

  • Yeah I think so. She still likes you in that special way but since you broke it off--

    let her know your feelings for her are friendship (platonic) only.