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Girl sits next to me in class, I like her but can't find it in me to say something

Well, ever since college started I have a class that's only 2 days a week. Every time I'm in class there this really cute girl sitting, usually, a... Show More

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  • Find a starting point for the conversation. Something about the class or an assignment is usually a good bet. If you can, be funny. Try googling "cocky funny" and reading about that technique and some of the pointers for conversation starting.

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    • Lol that's a great idea. I'm also debating on whether I should offer her a ride home or something.. she might have a car of her own. Or even a boyfriend =[

    • If this is the first time you've talked to her, don't offer her a ride home. That's a little too creepy for a first encounter. After the initial talk make sure you always say "hi" to her when you see her and build the conversation up a little more each time.

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  • I'm in pretty much the same situation as you. You would think that being in the same class as someone would put you in situations to talk to them more often, but I find it much harder to talk to girls in class than in any other situation. Your best bet is to talk about an assignment you have or something you didn't understand in class (even if you did really understand it). The good thing is that your gonna be in class with her for a while so you have plenty of opportunities to talk to her.

  • Start making yourself talk to as many girls as you can, not even flirting but just being social. Girls who are ugly or plain or just a little cute to you. It'll make you more confident and relaxed, so you'll end up talking to this girl without having to force yourself.

    • Dont be a d*** and use other girls, playing with their hearts and sh*t that's fcuked up

    • I don't have problems with talking to girls, I'm not shy and I'm pretty social. I just have yet to find the perfect opportunity to start a convo with her.. but then when I did get a chance today I didn't take it for some reason. Never really happened before.. I'm pretty confused about it. Don't know what to do.

    • It's not "playing with peoples' hearts" to do what I said to do...talk to them, not even flirting but just being social. So I'm not sure why that's being a d***. Maybe someone is projecting their issues a little?? ahem

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