He didn't move away when our legs touched...?

1. My crush and I were sitting next to each other eating with friends and our legs ended up touching. I didn't budge and neither did he... so what... Show More

To elaborate on the leg-contact, I did move a bit away to see if he would pull away, but then he kept his leg there. He didn't acknowledge that our legs were touching, though, so I just put my leg back! haha! Thanks guys for all the answers!

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  • Could be, indeed.

    It reminds me of something that happened a long time ago.

    I had a three hour train ride to do, got into a compartment, the only free place was next to a girl my age, not special, not ugly. Plain.

    We talked just a bit, nothing special, small talk, read a bit, then by accident (really) my elbow touched her breast (B-cup).

    She didn't move.

    I didn't move.

    I couldn't feel anything of course, using my elbow.

    She must have sensed the pressure against her breast. She knew that I couldn't feel anything.

    We stayed that way for the next hours, not insisting , nor drawing away, elbow touching breast. Cozy, sexy.

    Upon arrival she proposed to drink something together, paid me a beer (insisted on paying) I paid her a coffee.

    She didn't give name, address or phone number nor did I, but she told me enough details so that I could guess she was free and that a clever man could trace her home and address with some research.

    She kissed me lightly on the cheek and was gone.

    I didn't look up her address (it was 60 mi from my town) I never saw her back.

    But I wondered for a long time what could/would have happened if...

    Grown ups playing a funny little game on a boring train.

    The ride seemed short to me, that time.