He didn't move away when our legs touched...?

1. My crush and I were sitting next to each other eating with friends and our legs ended up touching. I didn't budge and neither did he... so what does that mean? We did some tapping and poking and get-in-your-space type of movements over the course of the night. Could it be just because he's comfortable around me and not attracted?

2. He paid for my food since he owed me money, and I said we were even, but he said he'll still buy me a drink next time.

3. When he was leaving, he just said 'bye,' then right after, he said 'bye, (my nickname)"

Are these any good signs that he likes me?

To elaborate on the leg-contact, I did move a bit away to see if he would pull away, but then he kept his leg there. He didn't acknowledge that our legs were touching, though, so I just put my leg back! haha! Thanks guys for all the answers!


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  • Could be, indeed.

    It reminds me of something that happened a long time ago.

    I had a three hour train ride to do, got into a compartment, the only free place was next to a girl my age, not special, not ugly. Plain.

    We talked just a bit, nothing special, small talk, read a bit, then by accident (really) my elbow touched her breast (B-cup).

    She didn't move.

    I didn't move.

    I couldn't feel anything of course, using my elbow.

    She must have sensed the pressure against her breast. She knew that I couldn't feel anything.

    We stayed that way for the next hours, not insisting , nor drawing away, elbow touching breast. Cozy, sexy.

    Upon arrival she proposed to drink something together, paid me a beer (insisted on paying) I paid her a coffee.

    She didn't give name, address or phone number nor did I, but she told me enough details so that I could guess she was free and that a clever man could trace her home and address with some research.

    She kissed me lightly on the cheek and was gone.

    I didn't look up her address (it was 60 mi from my town) I never saw her back.

    But I wondered for a long time what could/would have happened if...

    Grown ups playing a funny little game on a boring train.

    The ride seemed short to me, that time.


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  • Just because your legs kept touching, doesn't mean necessarily has an interest in you. I have a friend and when we first started hanging out, she was very flirty and touchy. My leg would be touching hers while sitting down and talking, and she had no problem putting her hand on my leg and rubbing it. We would walk down the street and next thing you know her arm was wrapped around mine. And when she would talk to me she would never break eye contact.

    So I asked her one day, is this something you do with all guys because you've been flirting very hard. She didn't know what to say and told me that she only liked me as a friend. She said she doesn't even realize that she's flirting because she's just so comfortable with touching people and is very affectionate.

    So don't take any of those reasons you listed, and assume that this guy likes you.

  • I wouldn't think about it too much. Just go with the flow, If you like him keep trying to talk to him and get to know him... hang out and such.

    See what happens. All this leg theory is scary.

  • I think that means that he is at least interested in being your friend.

  • 1. He was comfortable when his legs touched yours. He isn't necessarily attracted to you. Why didn't you withdraw your legs ? Do you like him ? Or did you just like his touch ?

    2. He said that because he liked your kindness in paying for him in the first place.

    3. He was just saying bye.

    These are the signs of someone who is just friendly in nature. He sounds amiable to me. More information is needed so that I can ascertain whether he likes you or not.

    • To answer your questions, I didn't withdraw my legs because I secretly liked it, and yes I like him.

  • I feel that he is attracted to you and likes you. Whenever a guy likes a girl they will try finding any way possible for them to notice and remember them by getting close to them or just teasing them making jokes.

  • hahahah he likes you..

    it's a got all the signs.

    if he pulled away then he could like you but more as a friend.

    know each other better..

    could work out..

    good clicks..

  • Well if my leg accidentally touches a girl, I'm not going to just yank it away that's sort of rude, as sneakily as it got there is as sneakily you remove it. Guys who are comfortable with you and get in your space zone isn't doing it to be friendly, you are on his list, just not the top is what you your situation sounds like. If there's a cute girl you can be cool with that is kinda cute but your interest lie elsewhere, nothing wrong with becoming friends and getting to know the new girl, just in case? Just don't get too close or its friend zone.

  • Well he obviously didn't mind the contacted you too had. and it seems like he is trying to flirt with you. I think that those are all good signs

  • I think these are Great signs that He likes You.

  • My right knee brushed with a girl's left knee when we were sitting together at work the previous day. None of us moved our legs away for at least 2 minutes. Why didn't I move MY leg when we were touching knees, you ask? Because I LIKED HER. :)


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  • Sorry but from what you have posted here, he just seems to be being friendly. But you never know, maybe he does like you =). These are just casual things that I think many friends do, heck, my guy friend and I hug each other all the time when we see each other in the halls (and he is most definitely not gay) and we both aren't attracted to each other in that way. But if you do like him, I hope something good happens with him! =]

  • hmmm...HE LIKES YOU...HE DIGS YOU! Not all guys would wanna do dat, I mean remain touching a girls leg if he din LIKE/DIG her...So its pretty obvious isn't it!

  • Yes! definatley! I say talk to him more! Looks like you got yourself a little boyfriend! Good luck! :)

  • In my personal opinion, what is up with the legs touching, that is interesting. I doubt a guy would touch your leg while you know he's doing it, if he didn't like you. He obviously seems comfortable, but depending how he was touching your leg-sounds to me like he may like you. I know a guy who only did those things with me, and by my own observation was treating his female friends different, as in just like a friend, period. Just comfy around you, ha, sorry, no...a guy just won't do that unless he's attracted to you. And, how was he acting when he did this? Oh, and he also has a nickname too for you, hmmm, just makes you kinda wonder huh? Does he have any nicknames for his other female friends perhaps. It's good to pay attention to how he acts around his female friends, you might get some clues. One time I saw my friend try to come up to this guy and give him a hug, and he just backed off like "hey woman, just what do you think you're doing!" plus they knew each other also, but was always willing to give me a hug and it showed how much he liked it too, ha!

    • Well, my nickname is well known, but sometimes (not that day though), he does call me by his own teasing nickname that he gave me based on an inside joke between us two.

  • same thing happened to me! it means he is attracted to you and is comfortable around you! which means it can turn into something more

  • He totally has something for you just when he gets you that drink don't add on to it an keep drinking he may get what he's been wanting and you not so much!