Why do girls cover themselves after you have seen them naked?

Hi girls, I have a serious problem maybe you all can help me or any other guy that is having this problem. Several times I have went to the beach and have met girls there that I have not know and perhaps though that I might not see them again. However, during these occasions, I have seen may girls naked and have the privilege of lying next to then while I was enjoying the sun and swimming. Now, when I say that I have see her naked I mean everything both back and front and the v's. However, I went to school one day and have spotted a girl that I have seen naked on the beach many times but don't know if she recognized me. As I was walking pass her, there was many guys and girls sitting around near her but when she saw me coming fixed her closed. now she was wearing a very low cut tang top and from where I was I could see her breast nicely without having to look very hard. So I look at her while I was passing and just turn my head and look away, but for some reason when she saw me coming she stop what she was doing and started to get uncomfortable and hang her head down and pick her nails. Nevertheless, I paid her no attention and just kept walking, but for some reason I had to pass by that way again and she was still there. Only this time when I saw her she took a sweater out of her bag and cover herself ( from whence I could still see her boobs from a far) but when I was passing her she said pervert!

I wanted to stop and say WTF but just kept going like I did hear her.

My question to all the women out there is what's the difference with a guy seeing you naked, and the next time he sees you just see your cleavage or undies from a short skirt, if you recognized him from the time he had seen you naked why are you so uncomfortable around him now and what differences does it makes. If you have seen this guy a couple of times on the beach and school shouldn't you be hiding at the beach not at school? I guest what I am trying to say is what differences does it makes he has already seen you naked!.


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  • A girls body is her own personal work of art. And sometimes they don't want it on full display.

    When it's not on full display (sitting in the hall with friends) the last thing she wants is some creepy guy looking at her chest like she's an object, or a piece of meat.

    When she's nude on a beach, it's about being on display, being fun, and allowing the curiosities of others to unfold. She's inviting your eyes. Just remember to smile and be normal, not distant, staring, not smiling, and creepy.

    When she's dressed up and in a different environment, she wants eye contact and regular chit chat.

    If you're obsessing about her body, she's likely feeling devalued - almost like you're saying she's only worth looking at as a sex symbol, instead of a fun pretty girl in the hall.

    What you should have done was gone out of your way to completely ignore her body, while smiling at her eyes and mouth.

    Next time, don't act creepy. If you're not her boyfriend, then why would she want you staring at her parts? Smile, be normal, and learn how to calibrate yourself in certain situations.

    ~ Robby

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  • "when she saw me coming she stop what she was doing and started to get uncomfortable and hang her head down and pick her nails. Nevertheless, I paid her no attention and just kept walking"

    if you paid her no attention how come you can give such a detailed description of what she was doing?

    • That is easy, you are walking and you saw the person doing something and you look back she doing something different. you look she is still donig the same thing, for me I tried not to do the same thing for 10 minutes.

  • You were probably staring at her, from the sounds of it. Otherwise she wouldn't have really noticed or cared. Sometimes I'll wear a low-cut top and I won't mind it, but then some guy will walk by and stare pointedly at my breasts in a very sexual way, and I'll act just like that girl did. You should have more respect for her privacy.

    At the beach, other people are usually naked as well. There's a perceived non-sexiness to it, where people who see you won't think of you as sexual objects. Perhaps that's not always the case, but that's how many girls I know think of it.

    Now, from reading your post, it sounds like you have little respect for her privacy. In fact it sounds like you were staring and she noticed, like I said- otherwise she wouldn't have had any reaction to you being there. Seeing a guy at the beach and then seeing him at school is pretty commonplace, so you must have been doing something out of the ordinary (even if unintentional on your part). She probably was reacting more toward your actions creeping her out than you having seen her naked on the beach before.

  • To me it sounds like you were watching her very intently since you can describe what she was doing so well - as audreymarie21 said.

    If you don't want to be called a pervert, don't act like one by staring at a girl's boobs openly.

    Simple mate.

    • No , I have not. If you are a person that has photographic memory it does matter if you look at a person long or short. you will remember everything. look at a person does not means that you stare. when you are walking and you have to hold your head up can't you tell who is around you? well for me I look at everything. because of personal experances in Jamaca in which I nearly got stab from two people fighting on a bus which I was standing next to.

  • It a uncomfortable feeling there is this guy who has never seen me makes but he explored my privates one and now all he dosenis stare at me and its uncomfortable


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  • they just get uncomortable at times when guys see them like this or check them out a lot , even if you've allready since a lot of them before . I've been to the beach before and noticed this as well . some girls can get uncomfortable if you check them out even though there on the beach in tight tiny bikini's

  • I think its just in what context that you see her naked. An instance at the beach may feel much different from in school or the work place.

    • I think she was just supprise and felt unconfortable that she has seen me again when she didn't aspected. Like one time I went to a strip club and saw this girl and sat next to her in class and she shouted out do I know you from some where, I did want to tell her she was the one that had give me the lap dance I just said no. come on how do you tell every guy in the class a hot chick tha had given you a lap dance is sitting next to you in class. won't she feel bad if everybody start saying slut.

    • Well ur a lot nicer than I would be, lol.

  • You're looking at her too much, period.