How to stop caring?

What are some ways to stop caring for a guy that you like? He doesn't give you what you are looking for and you know that you need to move on, but what is the best way to do this? Because I'm having some trouble :(


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  • You have heard that sane "time heals all wounds" Trust me you are NOT the first person to experience this. This may be your first experience and it seems like something you will never get out of. Well I have been in similar situations and I have searched the web the same way.You know what advice I read about and applied? FOCUS ON YOUR LIFE.You are the MOST important person to yourself. If you find yourself thinking about him tell yourself that you are more important cause you are. Write it down. Say it to yourself. Do things that you enjoy. Exercise, hang out with friends. Just look at yourself in the mirror and picture yourself by yourself. I know some people like to day dream and think about traveling and going places with "that person". Instead think about doing your dreams and goals BY YOURSELF. And if someone comes along the way they are added to your picture.

    • People without a mean bone in their body. You are a nice person I agree. I hope you are not suffering from "White Knight Syndrome" you should Google that to read about it.You shouldn't change I agree. But you need to be able to control your feelings and emotions. You need to know what is good in your life and what is toxic. You put others first because it makes you feel good about yourself. Everything comes down to making yourself happy which it should.

    • It's funny that you say I should worry about making myself happy. I live my life making others happy. It's just the way I am. Even when people treat me like sh*t..I would still give them the shirt off of my back, if you know what I mean. I know horrible way to live right..but I seriously can't help it. I always put others first.

    • I know it is hard. No one ever said life is easy. Like I have said. To yourself you should be the one who is the most important and the one you care about the most. That being said. If you can have him in your life as a friend and not develop feelings about then that is healthy for you. But if you are constantly trying to make him more than a friend and you keep having to suppress your feelings that is unhealthy. You need to do what is best for YOU.

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  • I feel the heart is a stubborn organ, nothing can control it or tell it what to do. I think focusing on making yourself happy and staying busy helps. And even when your having fun or just doing something simple and he pops up in your head and those feelings come back, don't sweat it cause it happens. Just stand strong and keep caring on about your business and enjoying the person who you are. And remember its his lost and just give it time.

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