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How can I start a conversation on Facebook without being weird or awkward?

So there's this guy that I really like. How can I start a conversation (through chat or messages) without me seeming weird or awkward., you know? I... Show More

Well, its just that I've like never really talked to him in person before. We've only had like three or four conversations.

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  • just message him and say 'hey , how you doin' or something like that

    guys think differently from girls.

    maybe if a guy messaged you saying that you may think he's a weirdo just coming

    and talking to you out of the blue but guys don't think this way.

    i guarantee you he will reply.

    dont tell him that you like him or anything, just do some flirting and see if he flirts back.

    and if he doesn't , don't take it personally, its all part of the fun and experience

    and if you consider yourself to be a pretty girl that's a bomus and I guarantee you that he will flirt back if you do this right

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