Does anybody else LOVE cracking their bones?

I absolutely love the feeling of cracking my bones. I know its bad but I still can't help it. it feels sooo good. does anybody else feel this way? I recently found a new way to crack the inside of my foot and I have been doing it nonstop. My foot is starting to hurt but I still cannot stop. Every time I hear and feel the "POP" I get such a feeling of happiness. is this weird? it must be some kind of strange fetish. Tell me if anyone feels the same =[


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  • I pop just about everything. I got super excited one time when my ex grabbed my hand and accidentally popped a part of it [between my thumb and wrist] that I'd never popped before. I couldn't get the hang of popping it myself, so I'd bug him to do it for me allll the time. Eventually I figured it out myself and I've had it included in my joint-cracking routine ever since, haha.

    I've never been able to pop anything involving my feet, except my toes and ankles. I wish I could do that same weird thing I do to my hand, to my foot. It would feel amazing. =P

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      Haha, yeahh! I know how you feel. I loveee finding new ways to crack my joints. it makes me so happy ^^