Does anybody else LOVE cracking their bones?

I absolutely love the feeling of cracking my bones. I know its bad but I still can't help it. it feels sooo good. does anybody else feel this way? I recently found a new way to crack the inside of my foot and I have been doing it nonstop. My foot is starting to hurt but I still cannot stop. Every time I hear and feel the "POP" I get such a feeling of happiness. is this weird? it must be some kind of strange fetish. Tell me if anyone feels the same =[


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  • I pop just about everything. I got super excited one time when my ex grabbed my hand and accidentally popped a part of it [between my thumb and wrist] that I'd never popped before. I couldn't get the hang of popping it myself, so I'd bug him to do it for me allll the time. Eventually I figured it out myself and I've had it included in my joint-cracking routine ever since, haha.

    I've never been able to pop anything involving my feet, except my toes and ankles. I wish I could do that same weird thing I do to my hand, to my foot. It would feel amazing. =P

    • Haha, yeahh! I know how you feel. I loveee finding new ways to crack my joints. it makes me so happy ^^

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  • It's not bad, depending on where it is. I do crack my back and my neck once every day. I feel much better afterward.

  • i love cracking my my joints. I can crack my jaw, neck, shoulders, elbows wrists, spine, my legs , nee, ankles, toes, and just about every possible place to crack. =) its not bad for you unless you do it so much it hurts. but actually it releases the pressure between your joints and the whole it will cause arthritis is a wives tale.. I remember when I was younger I was at the dr with my mom and she hated me cracking my bones and asked the dr in hope to make me stop... nope he just made me want to do it more.

  • I can crack most joints in my body. My knuckles, thumbs, wrists, arms, neck, the entire spine, legs, feet and toes. Its great because it relieves pain or discomfort and makes me able to have a wider range of motion.

    I also love the poping sound and mine has become much louder over the years, so whenever someone is near when I crack a joint, they go "what the hell?! was that your back?". Unfortunately, my family don't like me doing it because they (falsely) believe that it will lead to arthritis or other problems when I get older.

  • well,i also love crackin my bones.i esp. crack the bone of back,hand and neck.i also can't help it.

    i am an addict of that

  • oops, don't enter that "are" before e c a p t c h a (I don't know how that got in there) sorry bout that.

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  • The only one I love is popping my back.

    My boyfriend has me pop his thumbs and he'll pop my back.

    Idk, I just love it when my back pops. Its gross though, cause it pops A LOT and I don't know why, but it feels great :)

  • i see people do this thng where they grab thier own head and make thier neck crack really hard and it erks me because to me it looks like they are breaking their own neck but I have always wondered how in the hell do they do it? my knees crack by them selves when I bend down every time and I like to pop my toes it is a habbit.

  • Yeah but I'm trying to stop

  • Yeh that's not normal, and bad for your bones. You need to get help for it seriously. It makes me feel sick when I crack them by accident or when people I know crack their knuckles. Why do it? They annoy me.

    • "Not normal, and bad for your bones" Scientific studies have been inconclusive and its very commonly performed by physicians, chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists. The cracking noise is just made by a collapse of a partial vacuum in the fluid that is located inside the joints.

  • Me too. It really is addicting and when I don't crack my neck or back I feel really uncomfortable. Especially when I crack my neck I get this sense of relief and like you said happiness I don't really know why.

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