Why is my ex talking to my friends still...when he is ignoring me?

my ex boyfriend broke up with me about a month and a half ago... he texted me and didn't even tell me in person...so I let I go. he said he wanted to be friends. and being dumb I believed him. so I talked to him once after seeing him when I went out to lunch. that was fine. awkward but later that weekend I texted him and told him I didn't care and that I just wanted to be friends. he said he was happy and it was good we were going to be friends. so I let a few weeks go by and he Facebook chatted me. we talked for a bit... then signed off very fast. I Facebooked him a few weeks later.. and then recently I went to visit my friend and saw her phone. she told me se didn't need to talk to him because he wasn't talking to me.. but I found her phone and of course there she was talking to him. it irritated me and I told her. she got p*ssed and told me I was over reacting. another two of my friends both have said that he has tried talking to them too. and turns out my roomate just got a text from him saying how is everyone... I don't know why it gets me p*ssed off but I wanted to tell him that he couldn't have it both ways ... he can't not talk to me and talk to all my friends its not fair. I know life isn't fair. but. seriously. this is stupid. I mean why can't he just talk to me? its not like I am holding a grudge or I am being stalkerish... I just want to be his friend? or in all honesty. I want to know why he can talk to my friends ((who he only knows because of me)) but can't talk to me. its like he forgot I exist.

anyone have any ideas? its hurting my feelings a bit... ik now he isn't worth this.. but I just. don't get it.