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What to do about a guy that can't make up his mind?

I have been hanging out with this guy and we made out and did some other stuff. Anyway after the first time we did stuff (made out and he got a hand... Show More

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  • This guy is not worth being friends with, as he has never been straight up and its always on his terms. After he get his fix, he puts you down. You can do better, be strong and find someone who love you and wants you for you and respects you. This guy could use your feeling to his benefit and mess with your head.

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  • The guy is right you are easy. Sorry that was mean. But you cheated on your boyfriend! I see no way of fixing this. The other guy does want to use you, hello friends with benefits

  • He told you after the first time you hooked up that he was not looking for a relationship. Move on because this guy is playing games and does not want to be with you. This guy has disrespected you and not treated you the best..I can't see why you would want to be friends with him. You deserve more than that. Forget him because he will just disappoint you.

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