Holding hands?

I cannot understand why won't my boyfriend hold my hand, for example when we walk on the street. When I put my hand into his he will make any excuse to disengage, I. E. Show me with the hand something on the street etc. I did ask him about it but he seem very uncomfortable even talking about it. I do find it upsetting as it feels that we are just two strangers walking down the road. Also, he does something else. As we walk he can change the direction suddenly which leaves me frustrated. He is affectionate and likes me to rub his back or hair all the time even in public places, but. I am lost

Most Helpful Girl

  • This reminds of stuff I learned in college psychology class. I think you might be able to go slow and train your boyfriend so that he LIKES to hold hands in public (which apparently he doesn't like to do right now. ) For example, next time you are in a movie theater together, take his hand, and use your other hand to rub his back or his hair (or somewhere else he likes. ) Let him associate the pleasurable feelings with the hand holding. Keep doing this for a while, and I'll bet he'll come around. Heck -- he may want to hold your hand all the time! :) Good luck!

    • Very good idea. I certainly will try, cos the guy is sensitive and affectionate but not when it comes to holding hands. Thank you so much xxx

    • So, how is it going? Any progress?