Do guys tease girls they like?

Do guys tease girls they like? There's this guy at church who teases me, not always though, he does it in a funny way. Yet it's so irritating. Plz help


Most Helpful Guy

  • Short answer: Yes.

    Longer answer: It might be because he likes you, and usually due to at least one of the following:

    They're awkward about it (given that you're under 18, I'm assuming he is, as well), and don't really know what to do about it. Not knowing what to do, or being afraid of just asking you out, he's chosen to annoy you instead. Presumably, this is in the hopes that he'll figure out what to do later, or become comfortable around you to the point that he can just tell you he's interested.

    They really haven't realized that they like you (boys can be very dense), and are just harassing you because they like being around you for some reason, and have decided that it's fun to pester you.

    If you give him a bit of time, he may come clean (one way or another), or you could go the direct route and just ask him if he likes you.