If he doesn't text first to initiate a conversation, does that mean he's not interested?

what's weird is that when I do text him (I have done this 2-3 times), he texts back instantly. shockingly fast, actually. but he hasn't text me to start a conversation. he's much older than I am, and maybe doesn't think I'm interested in a relationship with him; but I do want to get to know him, at least.

is he not interested or just... isn't thinking about me like I am, him?

thanks guys. =)


Most Helpful Guy

  • He's probably sitting there thinking the same thing, "Man, should I text her or not? would texting her sound too desperate? I did only meet her last night... Should I just sit and wait for her to text me first?"

    Who really knows though, there's a thousand possibilities of how each one of you could be thinking. Last thing you would want to do though is wait too long and miss out on a good opportunity with someone.

    Initiate the conversation if he's shy, and then at least show him your confident in yourself.