Why guys act so cold all of a sudden?

At the beginning guys will chase after you like cat chasing rat..start flirting,texting everyday,met up,cant wait to hear your voice then all of a sudden they start ignoring gals,like totally act differently..jz like jeklyn and hyde story..-.-..


It happen to me twice and I'm clueless why guys act like that..i don't get the hint?


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  • two possibilities come to my mind:

    1. some guys enjoy the chase more than anything else. once they get whatever they're chasing, they're bored. the chase is over.

    2. some guys don't like it when it feels like a girl is being hard to get or evasive. so even if a guy's interested in you, if it feels like a huge hassle to be with you, he might lose patience and say "to hell with it" and walk away.

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      Number 2 is wrong. It's more like when the chase is over and she, at first, seems to like the guy if he's too good to her she'll take him for granted and stop being so responsive to his attentions. In order to get more attention he must stop being so good to her for a while so she realizes his importance to her. She then becomes more responsive. Girls don't seem to appreciate being treated so well.

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      Nth in return?what guys wan in return..-.-..

      after they get what they wan they throw girls into d rubbish bin..

      wonderful.. thxs for explaining it to my guys..;-)

      i GET IT..!

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      Cartiphilus is wrong. I go with Number 2 all the time. I hate playing hide and seek with girls