IF she has feelings for a dude, why does she run away?

If a girl has strong feelings for a guy, how come she still doesn't like to get to close and pushes him away? while although there are a few reasons, what is the most likely reason?


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  • im doing that to a guy right now actually... me and this guy have loved each other for over 2 years and never had a relationship and I'm pushing him away for several reasons: I'm scared to not have him in my life if things end badly. I KNOW he's no good for me and I want him but I won't let myself have him. I'm not sure if ill be able to fully trust him. this guy hardly ever calls or texts me so what makes me think he cares aboutme? HONESTLY... although she's pushing you away what she REALLY wants is for you to chase after her. if you know she REALLY cares about you, no matter how weird it gets she wants you to keep trying to keep that connection with her and its kind of corney to say but she wants you to be her knight in shining armor. she wants you to break boundries and take risks to stay close to her. so go after her. I hope this helps.

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  • i'm in a similar situation myself...

    reasons could be that she was hurt before, scared of this new feeling she has for you [ then going into a relationship ]...

  • It could be that she has a fear of commitment,

    hurt in the past,

    not completely sure of her feelings,

    not completely sure of his feelings

    things like that.

  • Maybe she's never been through this kind of experience and is scared because she doesn't know what to do or how to approach it. Which means you'll probably have to make the first move.

    • I think I'm in this situation 2 I don't know what to do and I'm scared. I'm just going wiht the flow one day at a time.

    • Yeah I'm in this situation too. Actually, I think the guy and I might be afraid/nervous lol...Just take things slowly and things will happen when they happen. Try not to rush or force anything. When the moment is right, it will feel great.

  • yes if she has been hurt in the past or has been treated wrongly by a bloke before she won't drop that barrier and let you in in till she is ready to take that risk again hope this helps :)

  • Could be she's scared, been hurt before, etc.

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  • Maybe its her oblique way of showing that she likes the guy (she's shyer around him than other people).

  • she's probably scared =]

  • MAYBE, she actually doesn't like the guy?